Holiday exercise

Fitness exerciseExercise – that’s what you want to do in the morning after a party the least. But without the light of the complex gymnastics is still not enough: Exercise will increase your metabolism and speed up the burning of calories. And most importantly – reduce your feelings of guilt. After 10 minutes of exercise you will feel a surge of energy. And after a good exercise to make a quick step 15 minutemen a walk in the fresh air. Oxygen accelerates the burning of calories and fat.

1. Mini-ups

Stand with your feet – a little wider than shoulder width. Slowly squat down as if to sit in a chair. Then straighten up. Do not crouch through. Take a 10-20 mini-squats.

2. Jumping

Like walking on skis, alternately throw the “right hand – his left foot” forward, “the left hand .

3. Abdominal Exercises

Lie on your back. Knees bent, feet on the floor, do not open. Put your hands behind your head and exhale lift your head and shoulders off the floor, slightly bent. Do 2 sets of 10 repetitions.

4. Stretch

Lie on your back, arms out to the side. Pull your knees to your chest and hold this position for 4 deep breath. Then lower your knees bent to the side and turn your head to the opposite. Hold for 4 more breathing then again to the opposite side. Finished, his knees drawn up to her chest again. Do 2-3 reps.

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