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Fitness bodyIron is one of the essential minerals in our food . It carries oxygen from the lungs to all body cells and fitness, and is an important element of many proteins of bone.

But if fundamental for all people, even more so for pregnant women. Lentils, as one of the iron-rich foods, become the best ally in power during this stage of life of women.

A pregnant woman uses iron to increase its amount of blood up to 50%. The rest is essential for the proper development of the fetus and placenta.

 Thus, iron is one of the essential substances in the diet of all people, but it is even more necessary in pregnancy of women.

 Iron is a mineral that is involved in the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells and enzyme activity in the body.

It is a fundamental component in many proteins and enzymes that keep us in good health. About two thirds of iron in our body are found in hemoglobin, the blood protein that carries oxygen to the tissues and gives the characteristic color.

The remainder is found in small amounts in the hemoglobin protein that supplies oxygen to the muscle, and enzymes participating in biochemical reactions .

Given that participates in the formation of hemoglobin that carries oxygen in blood and is important for the proper functioning of the respiratory chain.

The daily iron needs are of the order of 8-11 mg. Day, requiring an additional 50% women and men athletes and women athletes to double (20-25 mg. / Day).

It is practically impossible to obtain only through feed required amounts of certain nutrients which are increased in pregnancy, including iron.

The synthesis of fetal and placental tissues and formation in the fetus of the mineral reserves that will be used during lactation.

In the pregnant woman’s iron needs to become a major player. To meet this need iron in pregnant women there are two mechanisms.

One is to increase the mineral in the diet and the other using the reserves themselves. The recommended dose for pregnant women is 30 mg. Daily, or an increase of more than 30% of the quantities of iron usually recommended.

You need to follow a diet that is healthy and well balanced, which is very important to increase the intake of nutrients rich in iron, such as beans, lentils and most especially, a food becomes the best ally for a pregnant woman .

From The Hostel, food group specializing in legumes, advise raising the amount of lentils in the months of pregnancy, in order to be the woman’s own stores operating in the developing baby.

In case you still do not get the amount of iron needed by the body during pregnancy, usually required a supplement or a multivitamin with the required amount.

In any case, the ideal is that the woman reaches the end of pregnancy having used all reservations without iron ingested during pregnancy.

In cases in which there is an iron deficiency anemia occurs, especially during the second and third trimesters. These nutritional anemia are more common during pregnancy.

The iron deficiency anemia  represents 75% of all diagnosed and the cause is mainly due to the need to increase iron intake.

If during pregnancy a woman is anemic, may increase the risk of preterm delivery, and nutrition experts say that children of mothers who have had it tend to suffer at an earlier age.

After delivery, the fatigue caused by anemia in some women causes health neglect.

 The fatigue associated with the disease results from a deficiency of iron in the body, which causes a decrease in oxygen in cells due to the low concentration of hemoglobin in the blood. 

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