Women who go to the gym for restore youth

the gymThe study showed that those over 50, subject to regular gymnastics, swimming or cycling, can once again feel at 30 years old.

The metabolism and cardiovascular system of our participants are, like them for at least 16 years lower we now know that with normal physical exercise can stop the development of a number of chronic age-related chronic diseases.”

Normal exercise lose the risk of breast cancer will be one more reason for women to be involved in active sports – a recent study showed that regular training girls and young women show a lower risk of breast cancer prior to menopause.

The study explains why some older people apparently do not grow over the years, while working out.

The 51 is still operable Madonna, TV presenter Anne Robinson in her 64 regular jogging and Arlene Phillips became Queen of the dance, even though she is already 66.

 Dr. Zinta Zarins, experiment among participants with a mean age of 55 years, found that the physical and hormonal changes may not be age effects on physical endurance and performance.

¬†Already there have been many studies on the health of postmenopausal women,” she said. Despite these hormonal changes, women can maintain excellent form even without exhausting diets.

With age, women lose power quicker than men, we see more and more athletes, veterans, playing softball, swimming, participating in weightlifting competitions. Men and women at the age of 100 years or more train and compete at a high level,

And although the tests included a rather grueling exercise, the researchers are confident that the classes with less intensity necessarily bring tangible benefits.

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