The Secret to Slimness of French Women


Have you ever wondered why there are no French women approximately full? It would seem that the French cuisine – is a paradise for gourmets: the famous French pates, cheeses, wines – all this abundance does not contribute to the keeping pleasant figure.

Meanwhile, the majority of French women remain slim until old age. Maybe they have more resolution than ours? French women know or some special secret? Let’s see how these women eat that is considered a benchmark in the world of grace.

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France decided to start the day with an energetic breakfast. A full breakfast gives you energy and strength to survive until lunch without disruption on the cookie and runs healthy metabolism.

When eating three times a day, allowing for two or three light snacks, women in France, as a rule, do so in a clearly specified time. However, they are concerned not only about the taste, but also the beauty of serving dishes.

Secret to slimness

As a gourmet, French eat slowly, spending on each of the most important meals at least fifteen minutes. In this case, unlike the Russians, they do not connect food with reading a magazine or watching the show. Chewing food thoroughly, without distracting from the process, respecting etiquette, a man eats a lot less. By centuries of food culture does not overeat and push you to pieces.

French women eat and the cheese and pate, but try to eat as many vegetables as they’re only experienced with olive oil. Numerous fish in the diet of French women provides the body with iodine, which is so necessary for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. As French, snacking often uses natural yogurt, nuts or fruit, not the cookies and sandwiches with sausage.

Required vegetables, fruits, fish, olive oil, and moderation in all things, as a result of food culture, and that’s the whole secret of saving slim figure.

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