Healthy Diet and Fitness

 Diet and FitnessDo you know what the basic principles of better nutrition are? Since the beginning of time, eating is one of the greatest pleasures of man. A healthy diet is healthy and balanced diet which does not have the pleasure deleted.

Feeding should base on a set of rational food, all eating balanced because all foods are required to achieve a sufficient level of nutrients.

Having a healthy and wholesome diet is one of the essential things for good overall health. The diet along with physical activity is the factors that affect your weight primarily.


It is important that your weight is healthy compared to its height.

Did you know that excess weight or obesity is very possible that you get to have heart problems, diabetes type II, hypertension, stroke, affected joints, osteoporosis, snoring at night, osteoarthritis and some cancers?

Nutritionists recommend you always follow these 5 steps:

Sets how much weight you want to lose obviously has to be a real goal in a given time and according to your physique.

Use and learn basic principles of nutrition.

Find the right diet for your physical needs and lifestyle.

Learn how to integrate physical activity and daily routine.

Choose activities that you use self. Example breaks old habits, stick to your diet and get the exercise they need.

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