Can you Lose Weight Sleeping?

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There are many benefits of a Sleeping.  If this Sleeping is well planned and according to your metabolic functions is good, and if you exercise every day even better. But did you know that if you sleep less, these benefits are reduced very significantly?

This great discovery that may change the ideology of many people who are trying to lose weight effectively was discovered recently by a study conducted in the United States and published in many prestigious journals over the world.

This study was conducted with two groups of people who were trying to lose weight. The first group slept the hours needed (which are 8-9 hours per day approximately). The second group slept much less hours (around 5).

The result was that all lost the same amount of weight, but it is surprising that the members of the first group managed to lose weight but to burn more fat than members of the second group lost much less fat.

The fact that members of the first group burned more fat, helped them maintain a proper weight longer. Another important effect that occurred was that the members who slept fewer hours, throughout the day were hungrier and therefore eat more.

Losing weight faster with sleep, sleep deprivation is because there are more hormones that stimulate the appetite center in the brain.

So if your goal is to lose more fat, you know what you have to do … Sleep more.

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