The secret to slimness of French women


Have you ever wondered why there are no French women approximately full? It would seem that the French cuisine – is a paradise for gourmets: the famous French pates, cheeses, wines – all this abundance does not contribute to the keeping pleasant figure.

Meanwhile, the majority of French women remain slim until old age. Maybe they have more resolution than ours? French women know or some special secret? Let’s see how these women eat that is considered a benchmark in the world of grace.

Vanessa Paradise


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Three Great Tips for Slimming

Body fitnessThe diet is based on junk food, fried, processed or full of fat, it is virtually impossible to lose weight. If your exercise plan is not adequate, you will not have much chance of success. What you need is to make some changes to your diet and your exercise, and why not, in your mind, the most important tool for weight loss.

 Here I leave 3 excellent tips to lose weight in no time:-

1. Reduce Carbohydrates and fats

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Diet for a Flat Belly

belly fitnessIf your goal is to have a flat stomach, it is inevitable to consider feeding you wear. Thousands of people want to have a fat belly and well toned, but most fail in the attempt because they watch your diet. While they make 2 hours a day of gym or run 5 miles a day, it is useless if the diet is based on junk leads or foods that help to burn abdominal fat.

 It is crucial that you design a good diet can allow you to burn more fat and more calories in order to get that flat stomach in less time.

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Burn Fat For Fitness

diet for weight lose For many follow a strict dietary regimen is a real problem, sometimes with small changes we can get better results.

 Burning Fat Is Not A Science Aeronautics Space

 1) Go buy food with a full stomach. If you want to lose weight, go shopping hungry is the worst thing you can do.

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Overweight Kids Lose Weight

weight loseThere are many factors that can help a family in their overweight. These factors normally have to do with a change in lifestyle such as a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, diet with low caloric value important and healthy foods.

According to what I explain, overweight and obesity are classified as a chronic (long-term illnesses those whose purpose or healing cannot be clearly predicted or never happen). This occurs when the daily calorie intake is much higher than we spend with our daily physical activity, and this, ladies and gentlemen, is the real reason why we gain weight. Continue reading “Overweight Kids Lose Weight”

Can you Lose Weight Sleeping?

lose weight

There are many benefits of a diet. If this diet is well planned and according to your metabolic functions is good, and if you exercise every day even better. But did you know that if you sleep less, these benefits are reduced very significantly?

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Jumping Slimming …

fitnessWe used to believe that running or jogging is the most effective exercise to get rid of excess adipose tissue so because we know that this is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Well in this post I’m going to reveal something that most people do not know. In a study conducted at the agency NASA, was investigated as trying to help astronauts regain muscle mass and bone density (bone) losing to the lack of gravity in space. Continue reading “Jumping Slimming …”

Bread Fattening Diet

slimWhile the bread is healthy and essential in the diet, some people just refuse to eat and this is because of the false beliefs … Let’s see which of these beliefs are true and which are false.

For thousands of years, bread and cereals have been the staple food of the people. Nutritionally is valuable but our customs have undergone many myths:

 Whole wheat bread is less fattening.

This is completely false, both the bread as white bread provide the same amount of calories are 258 kcal / g of white bread and 238 kcal / g of bread. What is certain is that the bread has fiber and thus helps regulate the bowel and makes it more satiating hunger and so take longer to appear. Continue reading “Bread Fattening Diet”

The Secret Of A Balanced Diet.

balance dietIt happened to you that when you’re dieting and just when you want to lose weight, Is all you crave? That is the problem and many times that does not end our diets because we think that a diet is synonymous to stop eating.

A balanced diet is nothing more than a diet, that is, a way of eating. For example, if your diet consists of tacos, tortas, tamales, atole, soda, this is a diet, is a diet of junk food, not a balanced diet.

That’s why when nutritionists refer balanced diet are not describing any food, but a balance of food and how and when to eat them. Continue reading “The Secret Of A Balanced Diet.”

The Secret of Eating Diet Well Staying In Shape.

slimI do not know if it’s happened many times we diet to lose those extra pounds extra, but never took out a regime to continue to maintain our body in good condition.

 The diet allows you to maintain a healthy diet to keep your body by eating a healthy and balanced way of safely.

This diet to keep fit by eating well is recommended after a strict diet to lose weight.

Diet preserves the weight at which the person is satisfied and in turn takes energy and vitality to our body. It is convenient to combine food very varied so it does not make us healthy or monotonous. Continue reading “The Secret of Eating Diet Well Staying In Shape.”