Wrap for fat burning

wraps bodyHow to lose weight with body wraps. Just note – this is not a panacea, and the position of “I wrap it in a cocoon of healthy mixture and will lose weight watching TV, consuming cakes” to be profitable.

Wrap for fat loss – this is a great addition to your workouts and complex diet that will not only quickly reduce the balance, but also improve the skin, get rid of the ugly “orange peel“. Let’s proceed.

Do not think that this service is only available to the goddesses “Rublyovka,” and it is performed only in high-end salons overseas experts. Average price starts from $ 30, but do not forget that need to undergo at least a few of the procedures. If you are willing to allocate this amount of money, it is recommended to find a salon with good reviews, and go there.

However, if you feel sorry now spend on these treats, simply prepare everything to make a slimming body wrap at home. The main thing – is an attitude, a belief in the result and free time.

Rookie mistakes:-
Do not assume that after the first procedure you will get the desired result. The effect will be pronounced after about 10 procedures, and ideally they should be repeated 15 times.
Do not need to be done daily, the skin (like muscles after training) needs rest for 1-2 days. Break between courses of 1.5-2 months
Wrap for burning fat is desirable to no earlier than 2 hours after a meal, and 1 hour after the procedure did not eat.
Some mixtures can be quite aggressive. Before starting put some cooked mixture to a small area of skin and wait a bit. If there is no painful reaction may proceed.
Give up the idea, if you have gynecological diseases, cancer, kidney disease, cardiovascular failure, pregnancy, varicose veins (in which case your only cold wrap), skin diseases, allergies to the individual components, a painful condition (temperature, dizziness) .

Effective slimming wrap requires food film roll, thermal blankets (for a thorough warm-You can also add hot drinks, but not firewater not mix) and a special mask for wrapping.

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