Lemon juice for weight loss

weight lossThe benefit of lemon juice has long been known – but more often it is used to strengthen the immune system during colds. However, we know that citrus fruits can over clock the metabolism, thus greatly facilitating the share slimming. The benefit of lemon juice in losing weight is so great that there is no need for a strictly limited.

How to use lemon juice for weights lose. First of all, it should be eaten as often as possible: get ready, you’ll have salads with lemon juice, water and lemon juice and even meat in a lemon marinade.

On the question of how to make lemon juice, there are several correct answers: either you squeeze half a lemon by hand or use a citrus press, or even just put a slice of lemon in the water and squeeze it with a fork.

So, consider the menu for the day, which is important not to forget to drink lemon juice in the morning:
Before breakfast. Glass of water with lemon juice (lemon juice cleansing is similar to the same process in the apple cider vinegar).
Breakfast. Plate of porridge.
Lunch. Fruit salad with yogurt dressing.
Dinner. Any soup dish with a thin slice of lemon.
Afternoon tea. Cup buttermilk or sour milk, or yogurt.
Dinner. Meat / fish / poultry and side dish – vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Eat on such a system can be arbitrarily long, she meets the rules of a healthy diet and not harm – unless, of course, you are not allergic to citrus or other contraindications to their use in food.

Use lemon juice for weight loss is especially useful in the summer when constantly thirsty. Simply Squeeze half a lemon into a water bottle and take it with you. You can easily get rid of thirst speed and improve metabolism.

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