How to visually enlarge the ass?

enlarge the assCarefully select a wardrobe, paying attention to those things that are visually expanded the lower body. This tulip dress, skirts, pleated pants and skinny jeans. You can still pick up items that have settled in the hip pockets. But this should not be too carried away free clothes, and you can get a baggy silhouette that will not help you look more attractive. In principle there is a special underwear with soft silicone, which also increases the visual pop. But of course, he looked not the most attractive.

What foods increase the ass?

Here you can get help from foods high in protein and complex carbohydrates. This fish, low-fat cottage cheese, seafood and cereals. Also does not hurt a bit of healthy fats, which are located in the olive oil and nuts. Still, fat intake should be restricted, and be careful with the sweets. Although if you are one of those lucky women who can have tons of cakes, all washed down with sugary sodas and not gain weight, then you can be everything.

Why make such an emphasis on protein foods? Quite simply, it will help pump up the buttocks. And if you eat everything, you risk just to put on weight, and beautiful butt will remain a dream. So start eating right and go to the gym for beautiful buttocks.

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