How to increase the popular exercises?

popular exercisesThe fact that we should go to the gym and swing, I mean perfect. There you select the right trainer and exercise load, and on the power of the lumen. But if the fitness club for any reason you are not available, and the tormented question whether it is possible to increase the ass at home, I hasten to reassure – can.

Before and after the workout eat protein foods in small portions. But keep in mind that after the meal to pass about an hour, then you can start to exercise.

So, what kind of exercise will help to increase your lower body? All experts agree that for this purpose it is best suited squats with a load. Squat to slow, lingering at the bottom. Moreover, the need to squat as deeply as possible. Also good attacks with and without load. Be careful here, do exercises slowly and the support leg should be bent at a right angle strictly. As cargo can use dumbbells, bottles with sand, books, anything that deem worthy of this mission. And the third exercise, which is always present in any complex exercises to increase buttocks – is allocating legs back. You can do from different positions: kneeling, hands resting on the floor or on a chair, standing on straight legs.

Invariably one, holding his leg back, it must hold in this position for 15 seconds, and then return to starting position. Well, to perform all the exercises 10-15 times during each approach. Number of approaches – from 2 to 4.

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