Why do we overeat?

There of are of many of the causes of overeating, but of basically if they of are of almost of always on of one of thing – the substitution of concept of hunger of other of psychological, social, and emotional of factors. Most of often of occurs as a result of the overeating of ignoring of satiety of with a of new, untested, attractive and fragrant of dishes.

Another of option – we forget of a bout of hunger and eat, guided by habit. For of example, at of noon, we were off hungry, we decided to eat a little and a of little of carrying off away.

After an hour and a half, it’s time for lunch, and while the stomach is full, and the energy is not used up in the mind a thought that it is time to eat.

When a person is hungry, he growls in his stomach, and he was ready to eat anything from a donut to a stale crust. After physical work in the fresh air increases the appetite, and it seems very simple food delicious – there is no need to cook something delicious, or fill your mouth with sweets. In such cases, an additive and fat eaten dessert is not put off on the sides, and go “for cause” – the shortfall of energy.

Imaginary hunger occurs when food attracts human odor, appearance, memories of the wonderful taste. Even reading books about the food or meals watching scenes in movies can cause a desire to eat anything. Imaginary hunger causes us a many habit of chewing in front of TV, habit impose large portions, eating habits stick to tea and sweets, etc. Etc.

Is it possible to overcome desire and change habits, and if so, how? Yes, it is possible and very easy. Normal charging before an open window will help to get rid of craving a snack or eat something sweet or fatty delicacy. A 40-minute workout or physical work between meals ensures that you deserve their portion of food, and you can enjoy it. Spirit’s help to get rid of negative emotions, stress and depressed mood, and, consequently, from the associated overeating.

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