The best way to burn fat

SlimBodybuilding affects the metabolism to a greater extent, and its effect lasts longer than after aerobic exercise. During weight training the body goes into a unique mode of enhanced energy from active service the fiber. Now he needs a rest and good nutrition, and here is found aspects that seem invisible.

Weight training does not burn fat as aerobics. Hard training utilizes more carbohydrates than fat. But he also increases the metabolic needs of the body. Within a few hours (and actually – a few days), the body continues to recover, even after a single session. This process is very different from the results of low-intensity aerobic session.

Cardiod uses oxygen and thus more efficiently dissipates the fat calories. Strength training with short but intense pressures as the main energy source used glycogen.

The more muscle you have, the faster metabolism – even during the holidays. That is why people lose weight just by dieting and cardio, never progressing as quickly as in the case of the add power exercises. Aerobic exercise does not build muscle. In addition, very often the body begins to cannibalize its own muscle instead of fat. Is that you want?

Heavy intensive training itself burns a lot of fat, and the inclusion in the program of aerobic exercise only improve results. It’s no secret that I am new to aerobics. Until recently, I considered it a waste of time.

I believe that both of these types of workouts have their advantages, and therefore the best way – to use one and the other, combining them with a high-protein diet with moderate or low amounts of carbohydrates and fats.
You can double the impact if execute it immediately after your weight session or in the morning before breakfast. High-intensity bodybuilding burn blood sugar, so during aerobic organism is forced to take up fat. After working with the iron, and then leave for thirty minutes on the treadmill.

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