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fitness tip

When you don’t want to exercise, it’s very easy to find a million excuses to convince us that it’s okay to give up this time. Even when we actually want to get in shape and fitness, there are days when no argument will be convincing enough to get us off the couch.

The irony in life is that the things that are healthy for us are the ones that are very difficult to muster the strength for, while the harmful habits overwhelm us quite easily.

(i) Set up a schedule of practices on the ground. Sit down and see all the things you need to do in a day, and adds a healthy workout in some way. Make it a priority and make it work for your lifestyle. If you’re not a morning person who goes to the gym but after work, and if you know you’re always tired at 17:00 pm, has your training early. No two ways about it: you have to find the time to do this.

(ii) Prepare yourself. Buy all the things you will want to use for your weight loss challenges. Get shoes, suits, renew your gym membership, etc.. Invest in your efforts, commit to them and has everything to keep you in the weight loss game, otherwise it just does not become slim.
(iii) Set attainable goals for the near future. Especially at the beginning, you have to stay motivated to avoid goals that are not so accessible. Mark your progress in the calendar on the refrigerator, do not cheat and do not try to lie to you either.

(iv) Keep a weight loss journal and fill. As a bank teller, who must balance the figures at the end of the day, you should record the progress you’ve made all day with your figure. Write your calories and commitment that keeps you in the exercise and then compared with weight lose after a week.

(v) A few weeks with your new lifestyle, take another and compare the two. Wow! A few extra pounds disappear and your face takes on an entirely different shape and you can see the new emerging. Just a couple of weeks later, and the difference will be huge, so it continues to take photos and keep them with your program!

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