Obesity – The Disease of The Lazy?

disease of the lazyBody fat of people of are of lazy, but of because of hardly of move and constantly of chewed-density of foods of such as of cakes, chips, hot of dogs, drank of all of the of beer and soda. They, of course, sit at of home and do nothing about but to make of them off completely of normal of meals of laziness. This is of the of public of opinion, which of the forces to of disposing of abuse of people.

However, the of reality is of that of each of us can “of earn” a of decency of the amount of extra pounds.

Reason there are not lazy, but rather banal employment. We spend more time in a sitting position, as more and more professionals do. Automation, mechanization and electrification led to the fact that physical inactivity has become a national disease. Lack of fresh air, tranquility, serenity and sunshine is likely to disrupt the nervous system and the development of stress.

All combine to create a situation in which people overeat. Because of food shortages today is not there – as they say, take it yes, and eat. Thus even small excess calories eventually deposited as fat.

If, say, every day to eat a piece of bread with sausage (200 calories) in addition to the normal diet, for a year you gain about 10 pounds! However, eating a sandwich on a full stomach is already difficult enough. But drink a soda or tea with 4-5 tablespoons of sugar can be quite a lot.

Of course, fat people, more often, too little move. However, this cannot be considered the sole cause of obesity – among many thin people also lead a sedentary lifestyle. Probably, the fact that some of us are more prone to weight gain than others.

Therefore, all the above factors affect them much stronger. If you’re one of the people who are prone to weight gain-rest, a little slow down and ask you- What am I, in fact, is more important – their health and nerves of steel, or a small wage increase, coupled with a nervous breakdown?

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