How to Lose Abdomen Enlarged After Childbirth?

after childbirthFurther details would be needed to know how to lose abdomen enlarged after childbirth. The reason is that the causes can be several as overweight, swelling belly or even poor posture.

The presence of fat in the abdomen, usually by eating more than you really need. Therefore, you must limit food rations or increase physical activity to a level where you burn more calories than you eat.

Physical activity most appropriate, to recover the flat abdomen is the aerobic, complemented with abdominal muscle toning exercises.

Aerobics burns calories and therefore reduce body fat. Abdominal strength exercises, strengthen and harden the middle zone, compressing the internal organs so that they are not procedure and cause an appearance of a bulging abdomen.

By way of example, you can follow this physical activity program for flat abdomen, three days a week:
• Day 1
Aerobics: 45 minutes at 65% Hrmax.
Abdominal: 4 series of 20 repetitions
• Day 2
Aerobics: 10 minutes at 70% Hrmax. 2-Minute pause. Repeat until the total time 30-40 minutes.
Abdominal: 3 series of 30 repetitions
• Day 3
Aerobics: 30 minutes at 65-70% Hrmax.
Abdominal: 3 series of 20 repetitions

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