How to be Careful of what you Eat Through the Holidays

Healthy dietsOn the holidays gives us the ideal excuse to eat more processed foods, which are not always the most suitable for our diet. The portions tend to be larger and thus the intake of calories is much higher than it seems.

We eat all day at restaurants and this can be a problem to be able to control our weight. Restaurants often serve large portions and we tend to eat more when more food is in front of us. The restaurant menus are usually very high in calories, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium while being very low in fiber. Restaurants usually have no idea of how many calories or grams of saturated fats are found in dishes that serve.

However, it is possible to enjoy the holidays and food without returning home with a few extra pounds. The secret is to choose foods wisely, have moderation and try to stay as active as possible during the trip.

Here I present some tips that can help you make better decisions to take care of your weight when you’re on holiday.

(1) Try to not eat at fast food restaurants. Their menus contain products with large amount of calories, saturated fat, refined flour and sugar. Holidays are a great opportunity to experience new flavors and enjoy the local cuisine. Many times local restaurant prices are more accessible than much healthier and quick meal. In addition to that help the economy of the place.

(2) Be careful with drinks that contain a large amount of calories, there are many good options. The best of all is to always try to take simple water, but if you want to put some flavor, you can ask that they put lemon in your glass of water. If you opt for lemonade or orangeade, ask the waiters to not put sugar syrup or only half, there is where the largest number of calories. Unsweetened iced tea is also a good choice. If you don’t do without sugar use no calorie sweeteners. Take refreshments from diet or mineral water.

Alcohol consumption also increases during the holidays. You have to be more careful with their consumption, since alcohol provides calories, which also are known as empty calories, i.e. that we only get fat but not give us provide any nutrients.

(3) You don’t have to deprive you of eating what you like during the holidays, but it’s taking care of the portions that you consume. Avoid combos and order appetizers before the main course. You can also divide the dish with someone in your family or save half for another meal. Law firms by attractions that seem are not a good idea, because a greater amount of food available, our tendency is the of eating a lot more. Remember to be moderate in your food intakes.

(4) Investigates more on the menu. The question is how prepared the dish that you liked and as served, so you can make some changes to your choice. For example, if you ask for chicken and it comes fried, you can perhaps ask that they cooked it on the grill. .
It asks that you your dish serve it with vegetables steamed or a salad instead of French fries or mashed potatoes that commonly put.

If it is essential to eat bread, avoid white bread and asks if they have whole wheat or rye bread. In the case of tortillas, choose always the corn instead of flour.

(5) It is always consuming fruits and veggies whenever you can. Choose always begin with a good size with various vegetable salads, the more colorful the better. Eat it with olive oil or vinegar or salt and lemon, avoid creamy dressings. In main dishes change purees or French fries for vegetables.Dessert tries to eat a fruit, the one that you like best.

(6) Seafood is a good choice. The fish gives us a lot of fatty acids Omega which is very healthy for the heart. Just take care to avoid the dishes where fish is fried or breaded. It is best to ask for it grilled and unaltered.

(7) Beware of cravings. In the restaurant, avoid eating the bread, tortilla chips, sticks, cookies or whatever you put on the table; Apart from the fact that they bring you a considerable amount of calories, you will remove the hunger. If you cannot contain you, ask the waiter to remove them and ordered a drink without sugar or diet soda while you’re waiting for the food. Learn to contain your impulses.

Also know more careful of what they eat on the street, choose only what you like most and that believe healthy so avoid be eating throughout the day.

(8) Dessert is always an important part of the meal when we are on holiday and eat in a restaurant. Try to ask those who are not fried or contain as much fat or sugar. Ask a member of your family if you want to share it with you and ask two spoons. Tomato time to savor it and enjoy it. The more serious eat a fruit for dessert.

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