Tips for weight lose fast

Slim1. If you set a goal to lose weight, always go for it.
2. Eat in moderation – remember, there can be everything, but it is necessary to comply with a sense of proportion.
3. To avoid overeating, learn to count calories in foods and ready meals.
4. Indicator of proper nutrition is the constancy of ideal body weight, and therefore requires regular monitoring of their body weight.

5. In drawing up the daily menu, consider the calorie content and the chemical composition of the products (Information is usually on the packaging).

6. Power should be qualitatively high-grade, but quantitatively insufficient.

7. We must remember that feeling of fullness occurs within 30 minutes after a meal.

8. Nutrition should be a regular 4-5 and even used once a day in small portions.

9. In the food consumed calorie foods: lean meats, fish, low-fat cottage cheese, vegetables and fruit throughout the year.

10. Begin treatment with a gradual reduction of calorie daily diet and increase physical activity at the same time.

11. Reducing calorie mainly due to the decrease of carbohydrates: sugar, jam, white flour and some reduced fat, especially refractory: mutton fat, lard, bacon, fatty meats, and fish.

12. Need to lose weight gradually, so the body can adapt to the changes occurring in it.

13. With the combination of obesity and cardiovascular disease and obesity, and diabetes treatment low-calorie diet is required and justified.

14. Very low-calorie diet and fasting days with severe hypertension and atherosclerosis done only under medical supervision.

15. You can not drastically reduce the fat – it will lead to a lack of fat-soluble vitamins and essential substances.

16. Proteins can not be reduced – inventory of protein in the body is not present. Protein deficiency leads to loss of life.

17. In a low-calorie diet the best content: protein – 30%, (110 150 g), fat – 20-25% (50 -60 g) and carbohydrates – 40-45% (150 -250 g).

18. 1 part by volume of soybeans pour 3 parts vinegar, infuse in a cool dark place 30 days in a tightly sealed container, and then dried in hot air, ground to powder. To prevent obesity take 2 grams of powder 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

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