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Deit tipsFirst diet your body absorbs glucose and then glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. When these processes are losing a lot of waters why one will be removed from 1 to 5 kg. But this is just the weight loss, not tasting. After the fifth day, the bodies impinge on protein reserves and then fat stores. A diet less than 5 days does not benefit. Restrictions should be longer, but the time to take a sufficient amount of water and salt sparingly.

Worst of all, when, after the first successes of scale, as a right and not moving. Any diet lost muscle mass. Thus protecting our bodies from hunger, offering a large consumer of energy, explains. Metabolism slows down. Attenuation is the cause that supports the body. On the contrary – it protects against all the forces imposed on a diet and go to sleep.

To move a success this turning point, we have to incorporate more movement and rest in his regime, and to drink 2.5 liters of mineral water a day (it burns calories.) Last but not least – fall by another 100-200 calories a day. Menu should, however, be a protein. Common are eggs – 1-2 cooked breakfast of salami and cheese substitute. Simple sugars (sugar, white flour, sweets) are the biggest enemy of any diet because they arouse the appetite. During the meal sweet level insulin shot up, but then rapidly falls and you feel hunger attack. Another disadvantage is that 75% of people have genes that make it easy to fill, thin but tough.

How to outsmart your stomach that we city? Amount of food, it fills and stretches – to activate the receptors that give instructions that we have eaten enough. Best achieved by bulk foods are not very small particles. Important is the hormone insulin. To lose weight, its level should be stable without any hesitation.

An ideal diet would be, but there are general rules for failure. To remove the keel, the body needs 3 liters of fluid, preferably non-carbonated mineral water. 1,200-1,500 calories daily menu, supplied fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes Protein should be at least 1 g per 1 kg of body weight. Twice a week to eat fish. Food must be low in fat, but not completely devoid of them.

Anyone hungry during the diet makes a mistake, and if you do not drink enough fluids, or choose inappropriate products.

Ideal three main meals – morning, noon and night, in 5-6 hours. Intermediate snack tomato, cucumber or apple. Each meal begins and ends with drinking fluids. Eat slowly.

General post office, even for a short time, the body is seen as a threat – “at risk of hunger, they shall take all measures to prevent it.” Body splits muscles hard to save energy. I go back to normal food store stocks more than before. Maybe digested even a part of the heart muscle. Thus, people die in full denial of food or a diet rich in proteins, “says Mueller. Digested muscles are very difficult to recover. Full body and relaxed in the long term is assured. who hunger for gain and risk of cellulite. Sometimes you have to diet drink extra vitamins and minerals. According dieresis lose some of them and the necessary compensation.

Fat cakes biggest threat to a slender figure. Fat twice the calories than sugar. 100g 400k kal sugar and fat – 900 kcal. Saturated fatty acids are the worst, because the rapidly leads to a vicious cycle of insulin – a sharp increase, and then – sharply and acute hunger.

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