Food after Exercise

FitnessThere is a need to immediately after exercise, preferably in the first 20 minutes. If you abstain from food for 2 hours after the end of training, the training makes no sense – as a result NOTHING trains, some will burn fat and all, but the increase in strength, muscle density, symmetry and metabolic rate will be.

In the first 20 minutes after a workout in the body open the so-called post-exercise window for the consumption of protein and carbohydrate, not fat. All that will be eaten at this time, will go to muscle recovery and muscle growth, not a single calorie of food will not go to fat. This is very important.

Food after exercise

Carbohydrates after exercise is better to consume in liquid form of simple you need to make a sharp rise in insulin levels, with its anabolic and anti-catabolic to help build lean muscle tissue properties. Considered the best cranberry and grape juice, because they have a high ratio of glucose to fructose. Consume about 1 g carbohydrate juice per kilogram of ideal weight. A glass of grape juice contains 38 grams of carbohydrate (155 calories), and a glass of cranberry – 31 g carbohydrate (115 kcal). You can also eat any carbohydrate foods containing no fat (bread, jam, sugar, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruits, vegetables, etc.).

Food after exercise

Also, immediately after a workout to boot proteins. Best of all, in the form of a protein drink powder. In this way, protein synthesis in the muscles after a workout will increase by 3 times (compared with fasting). So take a bottle with a mix of protein powder and juice, if you exercise outdoors, and drink it all at once, as soon as they stop training. The amount of protein from a powder to be 0.55 g per kg of ideal body weight. If you can not drink protein shakes for some reason, rely on egg whites.

Food after exercise

If you can eat for hours after a workout, then choose any protein foods, simply calculate the right amount of protein. A dose of protein foods can be defined very simply-it must fit in your palm. Because food after a workout is only one important goal – to quickly and effectively to increase muscle mass – the fat in the meal must be free at all. Fat slows delivery of carbohydrates and proteins from the stomach into the bloodstream.

Food after exercise

Protein foods should be low-fat, if the chicken – the breast, not feet. If the eggs, only proteins. Beef and pork should be avoided, as they are always very fat, prefer veal. You should also be careful with cheese, milk, yogurt and cheese – as a rule, they contain not less than 5% fat. The only exception is fatty fish, not fried!. It can and should be eaten as often as possible.

After training, for two hours, it is desirable to exclude anything that contains caffeine, coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, and all (even protein powder with chocolate flavor). The fact that caffeine interferes with the work of insulin and thus prevents your body to reload glycogen in the muscles and liver, and use protein for muscle repair. So if you exercise in the morning, bear with 2:00, and then drink a real strong coffee. A cup of coffee drunk before exercise to help you stay alert and energetic. If you absolutely can not give up coffee or tea, choose them counterparts.

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