Easy tips to look younger

Easy SlimLook junior than their age, the dream of more women. And it is quite feasible. With modern facilities for the care and knowing some tricks, you can wipe out five or even more years.

1. If your face has wrinkles, use concealed. He will fill the wrinkles, making them less noticeable.

2. Avoid bright eye makeup. Rather, he draws attention to age-related changes of the face.

3. Eyeliner should be fine. She is a little increase their shape and optical density will give your lashes.

4. Not flat out eyebrows. They are extremely important, because the frame the face. Use your eyebrow pencil.

5. Add volume to your lips. With age, they lose their color and require more attention. Be sure to use a lip pencil and moisturizing lipstick.

6. Do not forget your face mask. Now they need you more than ever. Do not forget that along with the nutrients mask should have a moisturizing effect.

7. And of course the most important – is the expression on your face. To smile and not be sad- the age has its advantages!

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