Fitness Diet Involves a five-single Food

SlimExecriseWhen calories on average about 1400-1800 calories a day, such a diet provides a safe weight loss. Approximate fitness diet is low in fat, more carbohydrates and protein. In A diet, you need to drink up to 2 liters of fluid a day. Even if your weight on the scale increases, do not worry, you’re losing fat and type muscles.

Rely entirely on the scale is not worth it. The main thing is how you look, look in the mirror, and changes can be judged by the clothes. If you can not eat a diet strictly, try to count calorie intake and choose the menu according to the table calories, trying to eat less fatty foods. If possible, do not do too much interruption in power, they contribute to fat deposits!
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Food after Exercise

FitnessThere is a need to immediately after exercise, preferably in the first 20 minutes. If you abstain from food for 2 hours after the end of training, the training makes no sense – as a result NOTHING trains, some will burn fat and all, but the increase in strength, muscle density, symmetry and metabolic rate will be.

In the first 20 minutes after a workout in the body open the so-called post-exercise window for the consumption of protein and carbohydrate, not fat. All that will be eaten at this time, will go to muscle recovery and muscle growth, not a single calorie of food will not go to fat. This is very important.
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Weight Lose for Drink Water

drink waterWithout moisten there is no life really. Weight Lose for Drink Water-First reckon how much moisten you need per day. To do this, increase your ponderous in kilograms by 30 ml. For example, if you bear up 63 kg, per day you need to drink about 2 liters of moisten. And this is about 9 bacchanals.

Moisten plays a indispensable role in conversion of food into chime, material substance degree of heat adjustment, lubrication of joints, maintaining hide dampness and heaven-kissing muscle note.
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Color Food for Weight Lose

weight lose fruitsBeaming ensign of fruits and vegetables for weight lose , system of created things have given a conception. For the tint of tomatoes or lettuce “answerable” biologically in action substances of vegetable spring, the so-called photo chemical. These are the same antioxidants, but much more potent.

They screen cells from DNA mischief of system of created things and thus preserve the cancer cells from degeneration. In joining, antioxidants bar the fiery advance in the material part. The beaming tint of many fruits and vegetables – a caution that within them lies a potent weapon against many diseases.
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What is monotony fitness?

SlimSadness Stresses interfere loses weight. Try to sleep at least eight hours a day and it’s a scientific fact. Here’s how: when the brain “records” stress, it strikes an alarm to the adrenal glands, and they secrete a “stress” hormone cortical.

Formally, this hormone should multiply your strength by additional energy derived from “burning” their muscle tissue. However, scientific studies have shown that along the way he provokes the deposition of fat in the waist.
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Health fitness tips

Health tipsTreatment center interviewing thousands of human who managed to lose weight. On physical activity for an hour a day. The survey showed that they all have the same thing.

If it is good to have breakfast, you will not have time to get hungry for lunch and do not eat extra. But the main thing. If you regularly skip breakfast, the metabolism gradually slows down. Energy demand falls and the calories eaten are unnecessary.
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The rest turns to fat for fitness

fitnessDo not skip meals to lose weight, Eat slowly five times a day – about every three hours.You should at least a general understanding of the biological mechanism of weight gain. Each meal should be proteins, complex carbohydrates and some healthy fats.

Watch out for portion size. It should be the size of your palm – not more. In this sense, the main hormone for you – insulin. After a meal the blood is dangerous and thickens.
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Slim and weight lose tips

Slim TipsSlim tip 1: How much weights you need to lose – Most people start their weight loss journey by claiming to be xyz kilos overweight. This isn’t a healthy way to project or aim for weight loss. Calculate your desired weight against your height by using reliable methods like the BMI, and set a healthy weight loss target. This is often half the battle won.
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How to slim fast

How to slimThe growth of muscle mass they have to consume in excess, which, in turn, leads to some accumulation of fat, so the problem of “dry spring” they know firsthand. And they did have long been successfully addressed. So you have to be a “bodybuilder” in a sense – the builders of the body and use their methods. If the word “bodybuilder” you cause unpleasant association, call them “bodyskulptorom.” And, like Michelangelo, cutting off all excess.
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How Can I Lose weight Fast

slim fastLess Extra fat!
Experts in sports nutrition first thing recommended minimizing the consumption of fats. What is this level? No more than 25 grams per day. Actually, such a dose to the body is too small, and even harmful, so long to sit on such a diet simply can not. But that use this technique for a while it is quite possible – for 3-4 weeks is nothing wrong with you not going to happen.

From its menu once cross out all meat, sausage, egg yolks, olive oil, animal fats, margarine, nuts, any sweets, buns, pastries, cakes and other products where fat in excess. Buy over the counter fish oil in the morning and take a spoonful. This is your standard for the day. If the fish oil really did not climb, buy on the market freshly oil and also take on a spoon.
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