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Gymnastics, home, dietGym to lose weight at home for the lack of time or money to go to a gym to improve fitness and your figure, no support when you have the opportunity to complete a gymnastics routine diet at home.

Physical activity is essential to complete the diet, understood as a way of ordering food, eating the calories needed and the right proportion of nutrients. In this regard, a gymnastics routine to lose weight at home is the perfect complement.

Basically there are two types of exercise to reduce body fat: aerobic and strength.

Aerobic exercise burns a lot of calories during the execution. force exercises during the training session, they burn fewer calories than aerobics, but if it can increase muscle mass, the body reacts by raising its base metabolism, and Thus, the remaining hours of the day, even at rest, you still eliminating fat reserves.

By combining both methods, is achieved a considerable amount of burn calories during the execution of the activity, and also raise the basic metabolism, once the routine, so will still burning calories, more specifically fat , the remainder of the day .

Table gym to lose weight at home
In the video you can see a series of 7 exercises . The routine work focuses on the legs, this is reasonable because stimulation of the major muscle groups (thighs, buttocks, back and chest) are those who consume large amounts of calories to lose weight allow. In this sequence, abs and triceps exercises on the chair, only serve the purpose of toning.

The routine must do without the rest, the video suggests 15 reps, but can be up to 30 if you’re physically fit. By completing the circuit lies between 60 to 90 seconds and repeat. If you’re tired, made a circuit more. This is the way in which the aerobic part would be performing the work, if the pause is too long, has the same effect.

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