Christmas skewer so easy to prepare

Skewer for Christmas Christmas dinner leftover is normal that sometimes some things we do not know how to combine, such as a crayfish or quail eggs. So I wanted to use some of these ingredients to prepare the skewer.

Of course, if instead of you spare shrimp scampi or prawns can also use them and if you boil quail eggs as one of chicken and cut it into small pieces, you may not be very nice but you will be just as good. However, to the base of the spike I recommend that you use a quality tuna or bonito. I used albacore that sent me Serrate canned and the truth is that luxury was To the kitchen!

Ingredients for making Christmas skewer:
1 piece of tuna in olive oil (about the size you see in the picture)
1 cooked lobster (also worth a shrimp, a prawn, a piece of crab meat,)
One quail egg (you only need half to one skewer)
1/2 teaspoon of Salsa Rosa (if you know how to prepare it here’s the recipe for Salsa Rosa ) salt

Skewer Recipe for Christmas:
Grab a bucket with water and put to boil. When almost boiling add the quail eggs before using it (remember that an egg out two skewers) and half a teaspoon of salt. Eggs cooked for 5 minutes, then drained and removed when cold shell and the middle part.
Take the piece of pretty, shaking off excess oil. Pela Nephrops and set it on the piece of nice. Then click quail egg half with a toothpick and crosses from above the piece of lobster and tuna (look at the picture).
Finally add cocktail sauce to taste (with half teaspoon is enough). Prepare as many skewers as you feel hungry and out of the kitchen!


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