World Day against Obesity

ObesityThe obesity is one of the health problems of maximum concern at present because it affects a large number of people. In recent years, the major concern in this field have been children, since with the diet changes of up to date society, fast food and so-called junk foods were the main victims in the medium and long term. In fact, 19% of obese children in Spain. Continue reading “World Day against Obesity”

Lose weight without starving

DietThe problem of the diets traditional? That after a few days, the stop doing and immediately turn to fat. The reason for this fiasco is summarized in one word hunger!

To live on fish and steamed vegetables is effective, but does not feed. In addition, the body begins to feel the irresistible call little something sweet after a meal. Continue reading “Lose weight without starving”

Three most calorific foods

fatty  foodsShape and healthily nourished there are some foods that will do well to keep away from. Today we want to focus on three of them; there are three calorific foods that are measured worldwide as the worst. The consume and also inactive will fatten and possibly reach a level of obesity. Then we tell you what to be very careful.
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Food supplements to help burn fat

burn fatHealthy ways to lose weight and get in shape, not always the goal is to lose fat, but also strengthen the body.

Today we will talk about the possibility of including food supplements to accelerate the fat burning process always supplemented by a varied and healthy. Continue reading “Food supplements to help burn fat”

Habits put off us from losing weight

diet habitsMany people begin to make allowances and change your diet to lose those extra kilos that were accumulating. But many times this does not work, today we will tell you what are some mistakes that are often committed not allow us to lose weight, pay close attention!
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Diet breakfast

breakfastThe major concerns when it comes to weight lose is what kind of breakfast to follow, since, as we know, this is the most vital meal of the day, but at the same time do not want to overdo it with food. So today we will give advice so you know what breakfast when you’re dieting, a lot of attention!

One of the strategies that we can continue to accelerate our metabolism, so you burn fatter. Usually people get fat because they eat breakfast, believing this will help them. Do not eat in the morning can cause us terrible attack of anxiety and noon eat more than normal. Continue reading “Diet breakfast”

How to Lose Weight with the Click of a Button

How to Lose WeightTraditionally, electronics, televisions and computers were seen as tools that kept people sedentary and hindered health and fitness. Now, more and more dieters are turning their health to their gadgets and utilizing fitness and nutrition websites to lose weight.

As people begin to rely on their smartphones to run their daily lives, they are also beginning to take advantage of apps to help control their weight. There are more health and fitness apps available than there are fad diets. And the best parts of these apps are that many of them increase positive results. With these five apps for smartphone users, dieters can achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. Continue reading “How to Lose Weight with the Click of a Button”

Dangers of laxatives to lose weight

lose weightThe laxatives– First of all we mention it’s very unsafe to use them in this way and it should not. We’ll tell you why, pay close attention!
Long ago beliefs prevail that said the use of laxatives helped a less fat absorption. Hence, many people use them for these purposes; however, this practice can bring us many problems. Continue reading “Dangers of laxatives to lose weight”