The fat burning zone

Fat BurnThe best way to end the kilos that exceed us in the gym: HIIT, cardio, weights … One of the methods that exist to optimize our training for this purpose is to stay in the fat burning zone to exercise. But how do we stay there and what exactly happens in this area?

The fat burning zone is between 60% and 70% of our maximum heart rate (MHR = 220 – age in boys; 226 – age in girls). This is the range in which the body uses fat as fuel, without going into the dreaded muscle catabolism.

Most people usually disinformation, believes that “the more sudo or more I get tired, I’ll burn more fat.” This is a half-truth: it is clear that the more you sweat, the more fluid is lost, and this is reflected in weight loss: but those grams we lose through sweating quickly recover them again to hydrate our body. Therefore, there is a loss of fat, but relative.

The fat burning zone (also called weight control) helps us get energy from stored fat during and after exercise: this is important, because once we stop running and we get off our bikes, our metabolism will consuming fat that we want to get it over. The body will continue to degrade the fat for energy long after leaving the gym.

To stay within this fat-burning zone, the best thing is that we use a heart rate monitor during our training. In principle any model and brand may be worth, whenever we enter our heart: I use a model that shows both the number of beats per minute as a percentage, and I have the option to program it so that every time I go out of the fat burning zone (above or below) emits an audible and visual signal.

Staying within the area is not easy, at least for me: I find it almost impossible to run and I prefer fast walking, bike and get excited with the music and the beats me up a mile a minute as I neglect so I have to be very aware of the heart rate monitor.

Remember that the most important thing when it comes to losing weight is to eat healthy, always accompanying exercise. Training in the fat burning for 20 to 30 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week will help us optimize our training results.

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