Nine Errors Slimming Ladies

Slim WomenHow many times have we said to ourselves that on Monday…. and more unforeseeable promises, unrecognizable plans? As a result – zero result and one big upset, jam buns and chocolate. And, maybe, you initially wrong approach? Let’s analyze the possible errors.

Mistake number 1 – Empty the refrigerator.
During the diet should be breaking your refrigerator with food. Gather, wash and chop the peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, pears, and grapefruit. You should stock up on low-fat cottage cheese, plain yogurt, boiled lean meat. The list goes on, and if you happen to attack gluttony, at least you shall be filled with the proper food.

But the experience will, keeping harmful products in the refrigerator, do not. Indeed, some say that what is bought, sooner or later it will be eaten.

Mistake number 2 – Strongly deny one.
Eliminate all harmful products. Even at a very strict diet, once a week, you can arrange a holiday belly. This does not mean that you will push in all the row. Choose some light and allow yourself a treat sometimes innocent fun. The main thing – do not get carried away.

Mistake number 3 – Too serious approach.
American model Haddon Daly once said: “I tried all the diets of the world and broke them all, one after another, and all because of overloading yourself pounded in an incredibly strict limits.” Psychologists say that one of the main mistakes losing weight – no sense of humor. Yes, yes! You can not treat the diet as a very important event. Play, fantasize. For example, imagine that you – the famous actress, you want to lose weight for a multi-million fee. The main thing – not for a moment doubt the victory. “Diet – this is the only game in which victory is determined by the loss,” – says designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Mistake number 4 – Limit the intake of fluids.
Many diets are accompanied by the phrase: “There is no water!” This is one of the worst mistakes. Need to drink no less than 8-10 glasses of still water a day. People who are able to lose weight, maintain that this is done by the water. Water expels toxins from the body, toxins, fills the stomach, thereby reducing hunger and promoting not only the loss of excess weight, but also health improvement.

Mistake number 5 – Drink diuretics to use them to lose weight.
Indeed, drinking water pills, you can reset the day 1.2 pounds, but the weight will return the next day.

Mistake number 6 – Weigh yourself every day.
It is no secret that the weight can vary even within a single day. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, it is with a persistence worthy of a better cause, does not change. This is another reason to get upset and hang on. So weigh yourself once a week – why do you need an extra reason to be upset?

Mistake number 7 – Give Me promises.
Trying to lose weight, we give ourselves unrealistic promises, “I will never eat buns”, “I will never break the rules,” “I’ll eat some cabbage leaves.” Never say “never”! Forbidden fruit is sweet. The more you forbid yourself, the more the desire to break the ban. In dealing with such vices as overeating and smoking, there is the principle of one day. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, but today I can easily overcome your cravings for your favorite muffin or a cigarette. One day can withstand any of us. So you cultivate confidence.

Mistake number 8 – All the time to think about what you have not yet achieved.
You can not focus on the failures. The rule is to keep a food diary where you record all eaten and drunk during the day. This way you can analyze your mistakes, you control yourself and learn to eat right, clearly seeing everything that was done wrong.

Mistake number 9 – Stress figure flaws.
Do not wear tight clothes: it unprofitable accentuate your figure flaws. You’ll be upset, annoyed, you’ll want to drop everything and eat buns and pastries.

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