Home exercises to lose weight

lose weightThe exercise is ideal to complement your diet to lose weight and so you can improve your quality of life . If you do not have time or money, this does not prevent you to do home exercises to lose weight. The gym to lose weight without going to the gym is very important because you will not only see splendid, but have a healthy life.

Many people today for various reasons are unable to perform physical activity , and this threatens the quality of life.

The physical activity helps you:
Keep your weight.
Improve your aerobic capacity.
Keep your blood pressure , cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose within normal values.
Strengthen your bones and muscles.
Improve your flexibility.
Improve your mood.
All these benefits should make you think that exercise is essential to your life, so if you have to lose kilos and have no time, the gym to lose weight without going to the gym is the ideal choice.

Examples of home exercises to lose weight :

Stand with your feet together and back straight.
Bend your knees as if you were to sit.
Without lowering of all back up.
If you lose your balance can help you hold on to a chair or a bar.
Do 2 sets of 15 exercises.
Increase the number of sets to 5.
Jump rope:
Take a rope or jump rope.
Do 3 sets of 15 exercises.
Ve increasing the number of sets.
It is an excellent aerobic exercise, you will burn calories and strengthen muscles in the legs .
Rotation waist:
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, keep your tummy in and turn your waist to the right and left respectively.
Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
Series gradually increases up to 5.
Stationary bike:
If you own a bike, nothing better to burn fat and tone muscles.
Work out for 15 minutes a day every day and after two weeks you will begin to see the results.
Treadmill or jogging:
Like the bike, this exercise also helps you lose fat.
Walk or jog for 15 minutes every day.
This gym to lose weight without going to the gym will serve to complement a fat burning diet and help you lose kilos more quickly.

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