Geri Halliwell Diet

Geri HalliwellThe Spice Girls Geri Halliwell, always struggled to lose weight, but when she went solo, she was seen with an extremely thin body as he did?

He has a personal trainer and nutritionist who works every day with her.

Their diet is based on low-fat and low-carb fast digesting.

For example:
Many vegetables and fruits
Avoid sweets and snacks

Since giving birth to her daughter Bluebell Madonna (her godmother is Victoria Beckham) has changed her life, she says in an interview in a magazine, runs behind the small is good training, he said.

Geri is lucky to have lost weight before getting pregnant, so the nurse back to your weight much faster.

Incidentally, the Space Girls group is preparing a new appearance for this year. Will have run out of money?

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