Yoga exercises for weight loss

Yoga dietFree body toned, well-being – now this can be achieved with the help of Yoga exercises. Yoga exercises for weight loss can be done at home.
Contraindications yoga
You want to be slim and healthy?
Then these exercises for you. Do the exercise number six impossible for those who have a herniated disc.
People with low blood pressure should be sensitive to the feelings and the need to stop the exercise.

Poses in Yoga
Standing poses and balances. Strengthen and stretch all the muscles of the body, improve posture, provide strength and balance.
Sitting postures and restorative poses. Restoring force and stretch the spine.
Inversions. Strengthen immunity, discipline the mind and give strength.
Lean forward. Calming and flexibility back.
Backbends. Strengthen immunity, improve posture and energized.
A set of exercises of yoga for weight loss
(Click on the image to see a description of the exercises and increase photo)
Mountain Pose
Stand up straight.
Straighten shoulders, hands straight down along the lower torso, turn the hands of the hands so that the palms facing forward.
“Pull” belly and a tail bone (think like you fastens with a zipper on a very tight jeans).
Foot put together, tighten your thighs, crown drag upwards. Keep your head straight, eyes facing forward.

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