Slimming Properties of Garlic

garlicFoods that help their special characteristics, among other things, to lose weight. Such is the case of garlic, which is designed to maintain weight loss helps. To maximize their profits, has established dietary garlic.

There are numerous medical studies to determine not only the benefits of garlic for weight loss , but also the properties of garlic to treat other ailments.

The properties of garlic are:
Improves our immune system to better control infectious diseases.
Helps reduce blood cholesterol.
Reduces blood pressure and circulation problems.
Helps eliminate excess body fat.
Improves and increases metabolism, thus reducing excess weight.
To take full advantage of these properties, is that it has prepared a drink, which is the staple diet of garlic.

Drink garlic:

Grind 350 grams of garlic, joins ΒΌ liter of brandy, and left about 10 days in the refrigerator.
Then strain, and allowed to stand and refrigerate for two days.
Once ready take on drops for 12 days at breakfast, lunch and dinner, as follows:
Garlic Diet

Day 1
Breakfast: 1 drop.
Lunch: 2 drops.
Dinner: 3 drops
Day 2 to 6
Be increased to one drop per meal, up to dinner on 6 with 18 drops
Day 7 to 12
It will drop down by 1, starting on day 7 with 17 drops up to the lunch on day 12 with one single drop.
At dinner on this day take 25 drops of this drink garlic.
This drink should be consumed with caution bearing in mind this daily distribution, not by increasing the dose. If in doubt consult your doctor.

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