The problem of excess weight and how to deal with them

over weightExcess weight lose main thing you really want it, believe in yourself, achievable goals, to be able to bring himself to execute his plan. In this case, you have decided to lose weight, that is, to become a beautiful and healthy (or become beautiful and stay healthy). So let’s do it! This article focuses on a diet that allows you to lose weight fast.

Very fast: weight loss can be up to 5 pounds per week! Hollywood diet refers to a group of tough, low-calorie diets high efficiency. In this case, the recommended products readily available and inexpensive, and the recipes are extremely simple.

This diet is recommended only in case of need for a very fast weight loss (because it is called Hollywood, the actresses in a short period of time cause your body to the size, which wants to see an impatient director). But first, let’s see what we really need to lose weight and all you really wish to lose weight.

The problem of obesity has long acquired not only medical but also social value due to its high prevalence and adverse effect on the health and work capacity of people. Thus, those who are overweight, in order to maintain health must normalize it through diet and (or) physical stress that there was no such an unpleasant disease, such as obesity. People with minor variations in body weight is enough to increase physical activity at the same caloric intake.

Finally, there are people who think they are fat. For example, they have a large, heavy-boned skeleton, of course, they do not correspond to the formula: height in centimeters minus 100. Or tall girls with wide hips, which, even to the point of losing weight transparency, will not reach the volume 90-60-90 simply because the health of the women and the chest (just the amount of edges), and the pelvis is larger and wider than the smallest Japanese women or French. To these people, following D. Carnegie, we should stop worrying and start living. Well, maybe a little more active than before.

The fact is that unreasonable failure by the energy value of food is also a negative effect on the body and leads to metabolic disorders, abnormal weight loss, a decrease in efficiency, longer cure diseases.

For a day of fasting the body completely pick all the excesses of yesterday, and you, spurring metabolic rate, will remain in profit. First, and obviously, you do not have a hankering for a favorite dish, not pounce on them and do not overeat. Second, the day of fasting is easier to move than a week, and half-starved existence gastronomic nightmares. Third, you do not give your body get used to the economy mode, and it will be constantly at a high level of metabolism, and fat reserves will melt faster. So, for three days (feast, famine, the usual low-calorie diet), the body will get the same amount of calories or less than three days to supply a low-calorie diet (3000 + 0 + 1500 = 4500 kcal, and compare: 1500 + 1500 + 1500 == 4500 kcal), and burn more calories, because the day after the feast, he decides that ended his suffering, and the calories will spend wastefully.

By the morning of the next day, of course he will understand what was happening, but it will be too late. That’s such an interesting conclusion the Japanese scientists. French and English are also welcome combination of unloading and loading days. The main thing – Feast in the measure.

We do not recommend the use of rigid diets teenagers, but it’s better if they also read this book, and if I choose a diet described in it, consciously, fully aware of its pros and cons, and this knowledge will help them avoid complications.

Generally any diet should be used first consulting with a nutritionist or your doctor, as some products may be contraindicated in certain diseases. Injudicious use of diet can cost you health.

With any diet for weight loss should always be mindful of its biological value, in particular, the consumption of sufficient amounts of protein (1-1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight), because its lack of harmful effect on all bodily functions and affects not only health, but also health and mood.

So, this article will help you learn how and why there was a problem in a society of excess weight, on the causes of the appearance of weight loss and how to deal with it, talk about the correct and healthy diet and get acquainted with one of the most effective ways to lose weight – Hollywood diet. Keep only in the mind that a sharp knife if not handled properly can cut the hand that holds it.

Be careful, take close to your body, talk before the start of a diet with a doctor, and then you will lose weight quickly and permanently the envy of all her friends. In addition to recommendations on the Hollywood diet, we’ll tell you more about a balanced diet, which is recommended to stick after stopping the diet, give specific advice on diet and lots of useful tips on healthy living and weight will not bother you anymore.

Excess weight attacks

Nutrition – it is a very complicated application process, digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients in the body, it is the most important physiological needs of the body.

Food necessary for the construction and continuous cell proliferation and tissue regeneration, the energy input needed to make up for the energy expenditure of the body, and the substances that are formed in the body enzymes, hormones, mucus, and other regulators and exchange The process of life.

Naturally, the metabolism, function and structure of cells, tissues and organs are in direct proportion to the nature of power. When power is in excess of the energy value or for some nutrients, as well as the shortage of both systems, and authorities can not fully exercise their functions, which leads to functional disorders and diseases of the body.

The organism used to be full, it is a condition familiar. And will have to show perseverance and will power to convince him, and to prepare for the fact that, after the diet described below will help you to shed some pounds, you will have to sustain the fight against the body, which will try to return to the state standards.

This we will contact you and we’ll talk.

We already know that people who are overweight – most sick or prone to disease. They are more than thin, prone to chronic diseases, including cancer tumors. Obese people often feel real good. Let’s not talk about all the shortcomings of excess weight as those who run into this problem, they are well known.

According to various researchers in our country in the adult population overweight (5-14% above normal) occurs in 25% of cases, and obesity (body weight increase by 15% or more compared to the norm) – 26%. Thus, the weight is half the population of the country!

Approximately normal body weight (in kg) is equal to growth (in cm) minus 100 (growth 155-165 cm) minus 105 (an increase of 166-175 cm), or minus 110 (an increase of more than 175 cm). However it is better to determine normal weight from the tables by sex, age, and body composition (Table 1).

Body weight, as already mentioned above, called redundant if it is 5-14% higher than normal. If your weight is more than 15% higher than normal, it shows about obesity as a disease.

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