Russian diet-pros and cons

DietRussian cooking in the world is considered to be soup and pancakes. But, because this food diet can not be called in the so-called Russian diet includes very different products. A diet got its name because its authors were just Russian nutritionists.

Russian diet is based on reduced consumption of sugar and animal fat. That is no pancakes or nourishing borscht you do not have to eat. Moreover, it is necessary to forget about mayonnaise and any sauces, spices, sweets, as well as smoking, salting and alcohol. The only Russian dish that you are allowed and even shown Рis sauerkraut. It is considered by many nutritionists, improves digestion and metabolism.

Guide to Action

Day 1: Breakfast – 100 g of boiled fish, 150 g of sauerkraut, 1 boiled carrots, 100 g green peas, coffee without sugar for lunch – 150 grams of cooked lean meat, 100 grams of fat-free yogurt, 2 apples, for lunch – soup without meat, 150 grams of cabbage, for dinner – 100 grams of fish, 2 potatoes.

Day 2: Breakfast – fresh salad, peas and onions with oil, coffee, and for lunch – a cup of yogurt, for lunch – 100 grams of meat with cooked carrots, for dinner – 100 g boiled fish, 2 potatoes, orange.

Day 3: breakfast – boiled egg, toast, coffee, and for lunch – 100 g of boiled buckwheat with dried fruit, for lunch – 150 g of cooked poultry meat, 2 apples, oranges, for dinner – salad with vegetable oil, apple juice.

Day 4: breakfast – yogurt, toast, for lunch – a salad of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil for lunch – 100 g cooked meat, fresh salad, peas and onions, for dinner – ovoschnoysup on low meat broth, 100 g grated carrots with cream.

Day 5: breakfast – 3 tbsp. l. low-fat cottage cheese, coffee, and for lunch – 2 apples, oranges, juice for lunch – sausage, 150 g salad of cabbage with lemon juice, for dinner – 150 grams of fried fish, 100 g of red currants, gooseberries 100 g, mineral water.

Day 6: breakfast – 100 of boiled meat, 100 grams of sauerkraut, for lunch – 100 g curd Lunch – vegetable soup with mushroom soup, a piece of black bread for dinner – 100 grams of lean pork, salad of boiled beets and prunes tea.

Day 7: Breakfast – 100 buckwheat with Art. l. honey for lunch – 150 g of fruit salad, for lunch – 100 g of boiled fish, fresh vegetable salad with vegetable oil for dinner – 100 g cooked meat, 2 boiled potatoes, apple juice.

Russian diet is a bit long and is designed for those who want to lose pounds 7-10. Have to sit on it as long as 2 months, but the result will be reliable, and excess weight, unlike many less-long diet, will not return in the first few weeks after returning to the usual diet.

During the diet, you not only lose weight, but change their eating habits. Unlearning is sweet and flour, reduce the volume of the stomach. As a result, even after the diet you will continue to lose weight.

This diet is long, but not hungry. She is not a serious blow to your stomach and health in general, do not force you to deal with constant desire something bite.

First pounds will go away immediately. Perhaps you will see a change in the balance, not earlier than three weeks, and such a long wait can not stand each. Within a few days you can get bored dietnichat wasted, and all efforts will come to nothing.

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