Rules of the spring diet

DietAll woman wants to give him up – to lose weight, to refresh the complexion, give your hair shine. All this can be achieved through diet. Certainly recommend something specific to all impossible. After all, each of us has different conditions, different problems and different “raw data”. However, there are universal rules of a healthy diet. From them you can easily make an individual diet, full and convenient in everyday life.

Says Chief Dietician of St. Petersburg, the Academy of AEN, Professor, Head of the Department of Food Hygiene and Nutrition with clinical therapeutic feeding the St. Petersburg Medical Academy. II Mechnikov Vladimir A. Dotsenko.

Rule 1. Live bacteria to the skin
It is necessary to include in your daily diet foods bifidoflora. It cleans the intestines, improves his work, and this is very important for the skin. After her necessarily reflect the state of our digestive system. Problems in this area will inevitably lead to the appearance of spots, pimples and redness.

This can be avoided if every day to drink anything containing live bifidobacteria. This can be bifidokefir, bifidok, bifidolayf or any other drinks, enriched bifidoflora. Here, everyone decides for himself – it all depends on taste preferences and budget. The main thing – do not forget the enriched milk drinks, and they are required for everyone.

Before buying it is imperative to pay attention to the date of manufacture and expiry date. Better to choose the freshest produce, because the live bacteria are killed quickly.

Rule 2. Essential proteins

Enriching your diet enough protein, you kill two birds at once. First, you can lose weight while maintaining muscle mass. Second, keep your skin. One of the best suppliers of protein is fish. In addition, it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are also very good effect on the skin. These substances are present in the vegetable oil. Preference should be given to those varieties which were obtained by cold pressing. Fish cooked in this oil is very useful for the skin. Moreover, it is quite diet dish that can be recommended for lunch.

A garnish can be Fig. By the way, the diet should be sure to include whole grain cereals. Still can not forget about the bread, and the best is rye flour. And that’s all there muffins and buns are poor in vitamins and trace elements, but it is very rich in calories.

If you strictly follow the diet, replace cereal toppings on cooked vegetables. On the latter, by the way, should be treated separately.

Rule 3. Vegetables and fruit every day

Cook the vegetables need special rules that can save the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals. First of all, we must not forget that you need to cook vegetables enamel saucepan with a tight-fitting lid, which prevents access of air. The air contains oxygen, which has a high oxidative capacity. He simply destroys some substances, such as vitamin C. To protect askorbinku from oxidation, to the air inlet.

That is why the vegetables should be cooked in a sealed pot. No need to check every five minutes willingness vegetables, poking them with a knife. First, it is once again cause the owner to lift the lid. Secondly, from the wounds left by a sharp blade to be flushed out vitamins. It is better to try to keep in mind up time each vegetable.

There is one more thing that concerns all of the same cover. It should be opaque, because any vegetables should cook in the dark. The fact that light promotes the decomposition of vitamins.

But no matter how hard you try, fresh vegetables and fruits vitamins more than boiled. So every day should eat 600-700 grams of raw fruit and berries – they are entirely cover the body’s need for vitamins and minerals.

Selection range again is different and depends on the taste preferences. But there are some fruits that deserve special attention. Especially for suppliers of vitamin C, which is necessary and skin, and nails, and hair.

Excellent source of this material is the kiwi. One small fruit covers almost daily need askorbinki. But, first, not all love kiwi. Secondly, some, such as diabetics, it is simply impossible. Still others, this fruit allergy.

In this case, you need to pay attention to citrus. They also contain large amounts of ascorbic acid, although much smaller than the kiwi. Togochtoby to get enough vitamin treasured, every person should eat 2-3 oranges.

They will be an adequate substitute for a large red grapefruit and one lemon.

But, you see, it’s hard to eat in a day is a lot of citrus. This is not only a severe blow on the wallet, but also a great burden on the stomach. After all, in lemons and oranges contain a large amount of acid, which is harmful for enhanced gastric secretion. So citrus must be combined with other sources of vitamin C.

You can lean on blueberries and cranberries – they contain a lot of askorbinki. And it is not only preserved in fresh berries, and pickled. Much vitamin C is found in sweet peppers, parsley, cabbage. And, of course, can not forget about apples. They also present a significant amount of askorbinki. Most of it in acidic fruit – for example, in Antonovka. And indeed, in the winter varieties of vitamin C than in earlier ones. So in early spring apples have to be in the diet of each of us.

Rule 4. Sulfur and silicon for hair and nails

Mention should be foods that contain sulfur and silicon, necessary for normal growth of hair and nails. A lot of these micronutrients in tomato juice. Its sure to include in your daily diet.

It is important to observe portions. That is not necessary to gulp drink several glasses of juice at a time. It is best to prolong the pleasure for the whole day – half a cup to drink for breakfast, half a cup at lunch instead of dinner and a glass. Agree, it is useful not only for nails, but also for the figure.

By “silicon-sulfur” products are and seafood. It is a shrimp, mussels, crabs and squid. Their meat is an excellent source of protein and minerals every imaginable. It is useful so that all of us can recommend a daily intake of these delicacies. However, there is one big “but” – the cost. Price seafood often exceeds all conceivable probability, and therefore, these products afford not to all. But do not despair – it is seaweed. On the content of trace elements, it is an adequate substitute oysters, squid and crab. But protein is not here. But they may well be make regular meat. If you make it to the side dish of seaweed, the body will get almost all the same as what is found in seafood.

Rule 5. Not all meat is equally useful

A few words must be said about the meats and how to cook it. There are some nuances. First of all, you need to avoid animal fat and rich broth. Preference should be given to lean beef, veal, rabbit, turkey or chicken.

If it’s a bird, it is better to have no dark and white meat – of which very well digested proteins. Important and how to handle the product – it is preferable to grind, because beef is easier to digest than whole piece.

Meat dish recommended to drink juice – orange or pineapple. It contains plenty of vitamin C, which promotes absorption of many trace elements contained in the meat. In particular, ascorbic acid is essential for a good iron absorption. Improve the digestibility can and using pomegranate juice. It needed to fly in a glass bottle. The drink can be spread out over 5-6 days, provided that it is stored in the refrigerator. Juice should be diluted with cold boiled water in a 1:2 ratio and drink through a straw, the acid does not damage tooth enamel. This is a wonderful way to restore the deficit of ascorbic acid and micronutrients. The drink is refreshing complexion, increases vitality and well impact on the nails and hair.

For those who do not like juice, red wine can be recommended, but not more than 100-120 ml. But meat drink tea or coffee is not necessary. These drinks contain substances that severely limit the absorption of iron and some vitamins.

From the foregoing it follows a logical conclusion. For normal to normal health, balanced diet. Use different products and not to go to extremes like a purely vegetable or purely meat diet. Another option is a losing strike. They also affect the health and mood, and on appearance. The skin becomes grayish hair – dull, and nails – brittle. To freshen up, you need every day to eat 600-700 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables, cook meat, fish and cereals, juice drink and do not forget about the sea cabbage. Then everything will be all right.

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