Lose weight with a rope

Lose weight Jump rope– a great tool for fitness and weight loss, exercises with a rope can quickly, burning a quarter of an hour almost 200 calories.

This section diet to lose weight with the help of rope or other available tools, is becoming increasingly popular. All already know that some diets without exercise, lose weight much unlikely, and in-time job or home, women do not always have time to go to the fitness center or pool. Something as simple as a jump rope will help you solve this problem and lose weight more efficiently and quickly.

Surely in your home from the Soviet era rope lying around somewhere. So, look for it, or buy a new one, and arrange at home fitness for beginners. And be sure the rope is just help you lose weight is not worse than the popular diets for weight loss, because in energy costs, training with a rope on the results surpass jogging, which is still to choose the time and place, and the weather may bring. A jump rope can be any free minute at home. Not only cardiologists believe that this a unique and simple simulator performance equivalent doroguschy cardio. As for the weight loss, then jumping rope can burn up to 200 calories in 15 minutes at an intensity of about 100 jumps per minute, so you’ll see a gradual weight loss even at an average pace, accessible to people with excess weight.

Note also that the rope is not only promotes weight loss, but also very beneficial to health: a stimulating work of the cardiovascular and muscular systems, detoxifies the body, eliminates congestion in the veins of the legs, which is a good prevention of varicose.

So, apart from the development of a new technique slimming during sessions with a rope your body gradually comes to tone, and mood rises. And if you are after the jump ropes to drink green tea or herb for weight loss, the effect will increase even more.

Before you start exercising with a rope, it is necessary to choose the appropriate length of your growth. Then work with the rope will be easier and more accurate, the load will be more, so weight loss will go faster. Jump rope length 210 cm corresponds to an increase of up to 152 cm, 250 cm – height 152-167 cm, 280 cm – height 167-183 cm, 310 cm – an increase of more than 183 cm

Exercise should begin with the most basic jumps. Ideally, jumping rope should be low, and the work during the jump should be involved only legs, forearms and wrists, torso, to be fixed in a certain position. Then you will lose weight correctly, because the main burden will fall exactly on the problem areas. If you have not – do not worry, eventually you’ll come to that. First jumps have to be in a quiet pace, which should be gradually increased. Just 10 minutes a day in their hands with a rope along with a balanced diet, sometimes unloading days, and you will forget about the extra pounds. As for the additional diets for weight loss, there is better to consult a nutritionist, especially if you are on a strict diet, as a jump rope – it’s a load and rigid diets, and so take a lot of energy from the body.

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