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Lose Weight This nutritionist, naturopath started with that observed for patients and found:- some of them have lost weight and zdoroveli a vegetarian diet, while others with no meat lost power and often painful. Then he decided that the people are the different type of metabolism, in order to maintain the health they need different food.

Explanation of this phenomenon, Peter D’Adamo found that the blood of different groups provides a pathological reaction to different lectins – proteins having gluing effect.

The effectiveness of our defense against them is quite high: 95% of lectins excreted. But about 5% still enter the blood or are in the digestive tract. They that spoil our lives. In the blood, they destroy red and white blood cells and cause inflammation in the gut mucosa. We are not able to completely eliminate the lectins from the diet, but we can avoid products that are alien to our cells. And if a person adheres to “hereditary” power scheme, it will get rid of many health problems.

The first group (0)

Thus, the first group of blood, convinced D, Adam, descended from Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, who earn their living by hunting and gathering. So their descendants can not do without a good piece of meat, especially dark – beef, lamb, and poultry (meat only unprofitable goose and pork), seasoned with herbs. But the products of grain they have a genetic predisposition, with the exception of a dish of buckwheat, millet, rice, barley, and rye. Dairy products – is not for them. From milk descendants hunters are gaining weight and getting sick. But the fish is approved. The one with the first group of blood must also resist the eggplants, potatoes, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and color, sour fruits, pickles, apple and orange juices. But the rest of vegetables and fruits are not harmed. Particularly useful in this case, tomatoes, plums, figs.

The second group (A)

People in the second group of blood – the heirs of tillers. The most useful type of food for them – a vegetarian. Them ideal diet with lots of soy products, vegetables and fruit, and vegetable oil. But if a person lives in a cold climate, it is difficult to give up meat, one way out – to replace it with poultry and fish. Of seafood you can eat cod, salmon, carp, whitefish, pike and mackerel, but avoid eggs, crabs, squid, flounder, shrimp, herring. Cereal is especially useful buckwheat and wheat only harmful. And members of the second group of blood necessarily need beans. Their body poorly absorbs the milk, but copes with dairy products. On the table in the offspring tillers should be all the vegetables (except tomatoes, eggplant, white and red cabbage, and peppers), and to expose them to heat treatment for long. Will abstain from bananas mandrinov and oranges, mango and papaya, but the others can eat fruit every day.

The third group (C)

Carriers of the third group of blood, according to D’Adamo, – the descendants of Asian nomadic peoples. For them, not the best choice – wheat, barley, corn, buckwheat and rye, but oats, rice, and millet can be easily added to the menu. Should not be misused dark meat, preferably lamb instead of beef, rabbit, venison, lamb. Not very useful in all kinds of pork. Not good chicken. Harmful crabs, shrimp, crawfish, and almost all shellfish. Avoid vegetable oils except olive and flaxseed. All the good fruits (except pomegranates and persimmons), especially plums and cranberries. If the owners of this blood group have a need to lose weight, most effective it can be done in dairy products, eggs, and vegetables of all kinds, except tomatoes, radishes, squash, olives, avocado, and arti-

The fourth group (AB)

The fourth group of blood – historically the youngest. Quite rare – at least 5% of the population. People with a fourth blood group connects the second and third properties. Them unprofitable beef and chicken, it is better to replace the lamb and turkey. This group tolerate dairy products. D, D’Adamo recommends that they eat more fish (better prepare salmon, cod, sea bass, mackerel, pike), ruled only flounder, halibut, herring. People with this blood group risk of heart disease and cancer, anemia. Help them resist ailments fresh vegetables (except peppers), fruits (except oranges and bananas). Particularly useful are the lemons and grapefruits. Slow down metabolism and some cereals – buckwheat, wheat, corn, their best to replace rice, rye, oats. Lose weight easily holder of the fourth group on vegetables and soy products.

Cons diet

One need not be an anthropologist to understand the unscientific theory of the “Origin of Species,” the more that any weighty justification the author does not offer. Argue that the utility is defined diet alone group of blood – then recommend to all mankind, regardless of race, age and sex of all four diets.

Moreover, the blood is very complex. There are more than 23 blood group systems. Their diversity is so great that no two people with the same set of antigens. And the specificity of human nutrition, and if something is due, most seasonal, national, family traditions, and some individual tastes. In fact, people eat it – is its specific features. Our metabolism is very flexible and easily migrated from one type of food at

And it is completely unscientific statement about possible conflicts of proteins coming from food, and antibody levels. In fact, before getting into it, any food protein is cleaved into amino acids, and no antibodies are not able to understand where I came from these amino acids.

Pros diet

Attempt to follow the blood group diet – is in any way a step to reduce caloric intake. All recommended products are mostly diet, from which, in principle, no one can be worse.

If you really believe in success, and this will help to diet and mental attitude itself a miracle. We’d like to think that if only to find the right power system, to completely alien to our products, as happens healing, healing and weight loss. Perhaps it will happen?

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