Lies about the diet!

To lose weight, avoid carbohydrates. (False)
It is true that if you reduce the carbohydrates from your diet, you get to lose a few pounds at the beginning. However, this is not healthy, and over time, your body will start to store fat. In addition, loss of weight on low-carbohydrate diets is due simply to calorie restriction. The key to success is not to reduce carbohydrates, but total calories.

All nuts fattening. (False)
It is true that nuts are high in calories. But if you take them in moderation (as any other food), are part of a healthy diet, to help reduce cholesterol levels.

You need to eat for two during pregnancy. (False)
It is recommended that pregnant women increase calorie consumption in 100 in the first quarter, and 300 in the second and third quarter. However, this does not gives you letter free to eat in a disproportionate manner everything that you want.

Skip meals help to lose weight. (False)
If you skip a meal, your body will try to dispense its reserves and will slow down your metabolism. In addition, certain that tremendously arrive hungry at the next meal and take more calories than usual. Ideally, make more small meals during the day.

Red meat is bad for the health. (False)
Red meat has protein, L-carnitine, and many other important nutrients. It is true that there are also saturated fats, but not eliminates them from your diet. Choose cuts with the lowest percentage of grease as possible and do not abuse their consumption.

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