Learning to chew properly

Adequate food consumption based on the nutrients our body needs to function is essential. Among the nutrients that I speak we find carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, proteins, etc.

Most people living in developed countries do not have any problem at feeding time, with exceptions. However, if we talk about assimilation of nutrients, things change dramatically. Most people do not know chewing, which leads to eating problems.

Learning to chew is important for seniors, adults and children. If you do not learn to chew may eventually get to cardiovascular disease. We grind food.

Fast Food not only harms the fact that the intestine and other bodies assimilate food is not time, but the brain is not conscious of the food we have actually consumed or ingested.

Learning to chew slowly allows our brain to be conscious of the food we have eaten, it is estimated that the brain later about 15 or 20 minutes to be conscious.

To properly chew food we some 25 to 30 times, about 20 seconds. The pace of life that people are not helping to achieve our goals.

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