Keys to maintaining weight

The important thing is to focus on a gradual change habits based both in the way you eat, and the quantity and quality of food. In this way, a balance of nutrients that will ensure the prevention of diseases such as a good quality of life.

One of the keys to healthy weight loss is to avoid long periods of fasting. It has been scientifically proven higher prevalence of obesity among individuals who eat once or twice a day, that among those who do it four times, using the same amount and quality of food.

It is therefore advisable to eat small portions in installments and with a variety of foods, and each brings different nutrients that the body needs to incorporate and whose absence can cause a deficiency disease. The consequences of doing one or two big meals a day will result in:

  • Increased cholesterol
  • Greater tendency to form fat
  • Metabolism of glucose

To improve food choices is advisable to choose those that are low in fat and cholesterol, such as:

  • Lean cuts of meat in general
  • Fat dairy
  • Limit consumption of eggs, mainly using the clear
  • Include fish in your meals
  • Controlling fatty dressings (oil, mayonnaise, cream)
  • Reduce consumption of fried foods
  • Reduce baking and confectionery products

Other tips to consider:

  • Increase consumption of fiber (vegetables, fruits, grains, beans and bread)
  • Decrease consumption of sugar (Choose as desserts, yogurt, fresh fruit, jams or low sugar frozen desserts)
  • Reduce salt intake (salt is preferable food after cooking)
  • Drink plenty of fluids (if possible up to 2 liters per day including infusions and defatted broth)
  • If you drink alcohol, do so in moderation (Women: 1vaso per day, Men up to 2 cups per day

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