How to burn extra fat?

burn extra fatAre you strong-minded to lose ugly body extra fat? When it comes to fat loss, usually deal with two essential elements-one is the other is diet and exercise. Generally, you can burn body fat as you follow the burn fat tips below:-

Tip 1: drink water before meals. If you enjoy eating binge, you will definitely control it by drinking water before taking food. This means that you drink water, eventually fill the stomach and also will consume less food. This will then help you with fat loss and eat fewer calories.

Tip 2: drink green tea. This healthy tea can help burn body fat. It is also an antioxidant rich and safe.

Tip 3: increase protein intake. If you want a little increase and trigger massive loss of muscle fat, add protein-rich foods in your diet as it is vital to improve the muscle. More muscle mass would mean an increased metabolism rate would also burn fat.

Tip 4: Eat smaller portions daily. More meals in a day but less food to be consumed is a good body fat burning tip. Increase your metabolism when you eat more meals a day than 3 large servings. In addition, meals should be low in fat, sugar, starch and carbohydrates.

Tip 5: never skip breakfasts. Not advisable to skip your breakfast as you can actually gain more weight. In essence, your body will start to store your lunch, dinner as well as its fat reserves.

Tip 6: keep track of your portions. Eating healthy foods and nutritious low-end never yourself. If possible, make a journal so you can see if you are eating healthy or junk food. By tracking what you eat, you can take steps to correct the bad food and increase the fat burning foods you should eat.

Tip 7: reducing caffeine and soft drinks.
Much as you can, avoid caffeine may speed up your metabolism, but can trigger your appetite to eat more often.

Tip 8: Exercise regularly. If you go to a gym or an aerobics class, do it. But if time allows, a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day.

Tip 9: Do some strength training. Resistance training or strength training like push-ups or pull-ups will help increase your lean muscle mass. Essentially, increased muscle mass may mean that you will increase your metabolism and increase your fat loss.

Tip 10: eat more fat burning foods. Observe that diet foods and foods burn fat are two different things. For example, eggs are able to emulsify the fat that can be more easily broken and used to provide energy to the body, garlic increases the rate of metabolism and keep your insulin levels low; seafood may reduce lepton, a hormone associated with slow metabolism rate, olive oil, a fat but he can fight bad cholesterol, honey instead of sugar can be used to mobilize fat stores, fish oil is rich in Omega 3 and has an excellent fat burning capabilities. Other fat burning foods include spices, cardamom, cheese low fat milk, low-fat yogurt, soy, nuts, bananas, apples and tomatoes.

In addition to the above suggestions, you should have a determination to change their bad habits and eating lifestyle. Having a regular check up if you are really upset with obesity.

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