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DietLife-Eskimos eating only meat and fish, except for the fact that all of the flowers that appear short polar spring, but the blue bell, the Eskimos are considered edible.

This protein-fat diet yet optimally adapted to the conditions of the Far North. Research among Canadian Inuit, showed almost complete lack of effects of atherosclerosis, which explains the anti-anthropogenic effect of polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in large quantities in their diet.

A different picture emerges from the Eskimo-changing way of life in the relocation of the city. Replacing the dog and reindeer sledding snowmobile not only severely reduced energy costs for local residents, but also significantly changed the way of life. Greatly changed the structure of power.

Almost complete absence of the traditional diet of carbohydrate foods leads to rapid exchange of infringement in the use of concentrated products. The most serious consequences associated with alcohol, causing serious poisoning Eskimos (for all living beings, living in warmer climates – from butterflies to elephants – alcohol is a habitual food contained in the fermented fruit overripe). Eskimos also absent enzyme system allows utilization of alcohol usefully.

So, the quality of life in the modern Alaskan village has led to the fact that people do not walk. Dog teams hold occasional family (and 20 years ago, kept all) and then only for sporting events. As a result, the traditional meat diet high in fat and cholesterol, stimulates the development of obesity and heart disease.

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