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Skin careAbout 90% of teenagers suffer from acne. According to statistics, 75-90% of young people aged 14 to 20 years, one way or another are faced with this problem. Even after 25 years, she continues to excite the 40% of young people.

The fact is that during this period begins to appear in the work of the reproductive system, that is, in the body there are new substances, namely, androgens – male sex hormones. Highly sensitive to androgens sebaceous gland starts to produce more sebum, this is the cause of acne.

Sebum – a special oily substance containing triglycerides, wax esters, squalene and sterol esters and the resulting cell death through the full cancer. As soon as the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum changes in the chemical composition, talk about the development of seborrhea. This breaks the flow of the content of the sebaceous glands (sebum), which leads to blockage of the hair follicle and the formation of comedones.

Bacteria found on the skin, have special enzymes that process sebum triglycerides into free fatty acids. The latter have a nasty feature wall irritate the hair follicle, which is why it is broken, and bold acid and inflammation develops. This is the mechanism of formation of acne (acne), and seborrhea is the background on which they appear.

Interesting Facts

The maximum number of sebaceous glands (400 to 1000 cm 2) is on the face, the upper half of the body, scalp, midline chest in the ears and between the shoulder blades. It is the anatomical location of the sebaceous glands and determines the localization of acne.

Of course, not only the age effect on the amount of emitted sebum. It is noted, for example, that women in the last 7-10 days of the menstrual cycle, oily skin face increases. In addition to gender, the sebum affects the temperature of the environment.

At any age, oily skin is not fun, but in adolescence, when it is so important to look attractive, increased sebaceous excretions and acne can lead to lower self-esteem and isolation from peers. While scientists decide the question of what comes first: acne, depression, and then she and as a consequence – acne – dermatologists and cosmetologists and successfully cope with that and the other. Therefore, when acne first visit should be applied is a dermatologist because acne – it is not a cosmetic defect and disease. Beautician joined at the stage when diagnosed and treatment is started.

At home acne cure is very difficult, because the main reason for this attack rates are still hormones, that

, the state of the endocrine system, and with the beginning of the disease the skin can permanently change. If time is missed, it is no, even the most experienced, the doctor did not help.

In addition, acne is not treated quickly. Moreover, initiation of therapy may coincide with the aggravation of the disease. However, even when, in the course of treatment achieved good results, you should continue the event, as improvement may change further aggravation.

Thus, the strategy of therapeutic measures for acne is to:

♦ prevent clogging of the sebaceous ducts;

♦ reduce sebum (normalize sebaceous glands);

♦ create anti-inflammatory therapy.

Next, assign a complex treatment that includes the following components:

♦ Special procedures in doctor’s office;

♦ skin care at home with the use of special medication prescribed by a specialist;

♦ the use of local products (creams, lotions), and treatment with antibiotics and vitamins;

♦ special diet that excludes savory and sweet dishes.

By acne treatment should be started as early as possible, while not formed scars. Therefore, even a few acne in adolescence are a good reason to refer to a dermatologist, who may prescribe specific medications. Cosmetic procedures in this case serve as a complementary treatment.

Interesting figures

The nature of acne affect many factors. For example, the menstrual cycle in women affected by the disease. Approximately 70% of women say that acne is aggravated week before the cycle.

Quite successfully treat acne, it is young people – the most frequent visitors to a beauty shop after adult women. Young people are usually treated with cleaning procedures. Now cleaning is carried out without a strong decoupling and thermal masks – is that it is too expands the pores of the skin and blood vessels. Better make a person special heating lamp or overlay softens the skin preparation.

After cleaning oily spend physiotherapy treatment using the apparatus d’Arsonval, which produces high frequency, thus there is a characteristic glow. The massage of the skin, produced ozone disinfecting skin and normalizes its blood supply. The person then gets a fresh new look and healthy color. If the skin is very dirty (lots of acne) and has wide pores, used in the treatment of high concentrations of fruit acids (glycolic acid).

The main task for the care of oily skin at home is the procedure for its purification. The skin should be cleaned two times a day for 3-5 minutes, using a washing liquid soap or gel with aseptic or anti-inflammatory ingredients (chamomile, sage, menthol). Summer wash with soap and water can be two times a day, in the morning in winter face rinse under running water, then wipe the skin with lotion or cosmetic ice cube with a decoction (extract) for medicinal plants.

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