Diet and slimming Errors

Diet and slimmingDiet and weight lose should wisely. Another you will certainly lose a few pounds, but the risk to gain a whole bunch of diseases

Need to lose weight so as not to harm the health.
You made a mistake, if:

• Trying to lose weight with laxatives. If uncontrolled use of these drugs intestine starts to work only on the release. Transit pass proteins, vitamins, trace elements necessary for the brain, liver, heart and kidneys.

• are looking to lose weight with the help of a bath or massage. Skin does not produce fat weight. Evaporate in a bath or banish fat with massage impossible. Though regular massage and visit the steam room in the diet support muscle tone and cleanse the skin.

• use diuretics. Prolonged use of diuretics without prescription can lead to malfunction of the kidneys.

• Take your pills that reduce appetite.

These pills have many contraindications. Their use threatens exhaustion and problems with the intestines. Often, drugs for weight loss, purchased with hands, contain psychotropic substances that can provoke dependence on them, and mental disorders. After the rejection of these potions weight back, and lethargy and depression remain.

• Use burners fat. Burner or fat absorbers violate important nutrients, including vitamins A, E, 0, since they are absorbed by the body only with fat (and therefore are called fat-soluble). Therefore as a result of prolonged use of these funds is deteriorating skin, teeth, increased hair loss.


• More than 5 kg in 1 month to drop dangerously. For the year as an ideal – 15-35 kg.

• Waist more 88 cm in women and more than 102 cm in men indicates metabolic disorders.

• At least 30 vitamins and 16 minerals contained in the food, we need a day to active life.

• Plates of 24 cm – not for you, than the amount of dishes less, the less food you can rely on.

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