Diet according to blood group diet

DietThe idea that a person’s blood group determines which products it should include in your diet. Weight management in this case becomes the task of having your personal diet, which is selected according to blood group. For example, according to this diet, the second group of people with blood should be vegetarian and eat lots of fruits and vegetables because they contain low amounts of fat.

This is based on the fact that their blood is thicker than the holders of other blood groups. People in the second group of blood in their diet should abstain from meat and dairy products, all animal fats.

People with the third blood group diet should contain both plant and animal foods in about equal proportions.

People with first blood – “carnivores.” Foods high in protein such as red meat, fruits and vegetables should make up a large part of the diet on the blood group.

The science of blood group diet
Scientific substantiation of this diet is very doubtful. It is based on the idea that blood type – is an indicator of what foods our ancestors ate. Eg people with a second group of blood were farmers, so eat lots of plant foods, people with the third group of blood were omnivorous and eat a variety of foods, whether meat, vegetables, etc., people with first blood were hunter-gatherers and used in mainly meat.

There are some scientific studies that show a direct correlation between blood type and the ability or inability of people to digest and absorb certain foods.

In general, it should be noted that the theory of the blood type diet should be supported much more research before they can be taken seriously.

It is the scholars of this science, the buyout they call neuropathology, ie the science of treating natural remedies suggested diet for blood group. Their claims are based on the TM than our ancestors ate.

We have already described this little theory. Chief theoretician of this diet was the American physician James D’Adamo. He claims that this diet is the most natural method of treating and healing the body.

Diet selected individually according to each blood group. If we add to this diet is correct clamping and exercise, then very quickly you will notice the results of which confirmed for many years

In his scientific work, James D’Adamo divides foods for harmful, beneficial or neutral depending on the blood group. He writes that the exclusion from the diet of foods that are harmful to a specific group of blood, metabolism and deal with violations of metabolism, the body cleans itself of toxins and impurities, begins to function normally, which leads to weight loss.

To follow the blood type diet you should eat only those foods that are classified for your group to useful. You can also use the neutral products, but in small amounts. Harmful products should be completely excluded from the diet.

So, will list the good and bad products according to the blood type diet.

Diet for one group of blood
Useful: rye bread (in limited quantities), meat, fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables. Can be limited buckwheat and legumes.

Harmful: wheat, corn, ketchup, pickles, cabbage (except broccoli).

Diet for Blood Group 2

Useful: fruits, vegetables.

Neutral: Pulses, cereals and dairy products.

Harmful: sugar, meat, wheat products, pepper, cream, corn and peanut butter.

Diet for Blood Group 3

Useful: fish, meat (except pork), cereals (except buckwheat and wheat), eggs, dairy products, vegetables, fruit.

Harmful: pork and its products, seafood (clams, crab, shrimp).

Diet for Blood Group 4

Useful: dairy products, meat (but only rabbit, lamb, turkey), fish, olive oil, cereals, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Harmful: pepper, buckwheat, black olives, corn, pork.

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