Caring for your back

The column vertebral body is a sector that supports most of our body weight, as well as allowing endless walking and movements that we do in the physical activity or sport.

The usual lifestyle contributes to the onset of back pain over time, it is necessary to implement some recommendations to look back. Avoid lifting large amounts of weight, especially raising or lowering objects from surfaces at different heights. Maintain an upright posture with your back straight and improves the location of the vertebrae, protecting and strengthening the muscle mass.

The rest takes several hours a day, why, you must maintain a correct posture of the spine. The best way to sleep is on your back, allowing the download column weight symmetrically and orderly.

Sitting should keep your back straight at all times; use a comfortable backrest and armrests preferably.

Physical activity should always be done gradually and as directed by instructor.

Following the recommendations we can help take care of your back and prevent injuries in the practice of physical activity or characteristic of advancing age.

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