7 Benefits and 3 simple rules to start jogging

Running is one of those activities that not only improve your body but your mind does so well with your emotions. Today we will share with you seven benefits you’ll get to make this beautiful activity and three simple rules for you to go running today.

7 Benefits of jogging

  1. You become healthier. A stronger heart, better fitness and a leaner body are the natural consequences of someone who runs regularly. Your lungs become more efficient, your overall body becomes more efficient, lower your cholesterol, burning fat, good things will happen to your body.

  2. You’ll eat better. Not a rule and does not pass all the time, but when you jog (and happens when you practice some other form of exercise) you realize that food is fuel and that junk food is not the best all fuels. Many times when the habit of running starts to join a better feels you need fuel and you realize that eating better run better. It is a virtuous circle that happens naturally.
  3. It is one of the best ways to quit smoking. If you happen to have struggled with your service again and again then you will find relief in this activity. Many people who have built the habit of running have eliminated smoking. Starts running and you’ll quickly realize that habits are not compatible and that the run will prevail.
  4. You’ll spend quality time with yourself. Chemical involved many factors but we can say that running will give you peace and enjoyment. Running at a moderate pace is an activity that calms the mind, provides improved clarity and emotion. Running is a meditative and calming activity; it is your time of day to connect with you.
  5. Mental clarity. The experience of many runners, running gives you mental clarity. If you need to clarify your thoughts, the silence and solitude of the route will offer the perfect environment to think better.
  6. Less stress. Everyone lives stressed lately, and if you want it out of your life running is the activity that removes it. It is one of the best in fact, as much or more to do therapy.
  7. You pull out your inner warrior. Run transforms you, it is a challenge that tests you sometimes feel you cannot but get a force that makes you achieve more and do better. You soon realize that you run as the character, and soon extend to all areas of your life. Rushing to learn to get over situations and give you another perspective on your life.

Three simple rules to start

  1. Start small
    Do not make the mistake of trying to make the first time because you will not last long, and the habit give up you will sink no deeper. As much as you have enthusiasm and desire to enjoy all the rewards become so easy at first. Start with an intensity and duration that you can handle and gradually seeks progress. What matters is that you develop the habit.
  2. Gradually increase
    This complements the previous rule. Your body has to get used to the activity and certainly do not want to make a pleasurable activity becomes otherwise. Many people think that applies not start easy for them, but the truth is that is the only way to start. Do not fall into the trap of starting at full speed because then you’ll be all week dolorid and no energy to do it again. First incorporated the habit, and then add challenges.
  3. Enjoy it
    Running is a great activity, and you have to enjoy it. If you do not never will incorporate. Some ways to enjoy it is pleasant scenery fetch routes, good music, be comfortable Dallas with clothes. Other ways knows that this is an activity that makes you fit and healthy, that you will enjoy it. Relax, enjoy, enjoy. Running does not have to be torture.

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