Lose weight with a rope

Lose weight Jump rope– a great tool for fitness and weight loss, exercises with a rope can quickly, burning a quarter of an hour almost 200 calories.

This section diet to lose weight with the help of rope or other available tools, is becoming increasingly popular. All already know that some diets without exercise, lose weight much unlikely, and in-time job or home, women do not always have time to go to the fitness center or pool. Something as simple as a jump rope will help you solve this problem and lose weight more efficiently and quickly.
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Russian diet-pros and cons

DietRussian cooking in the world is considered to be soup and pancakes. But, because this food diet can not be called in the so-called Russian diet includes very different products. A diet got its name because its authors were just Russian nutritionists.

Russian diet is based on reduced consumption of sugar and animal fat. That is no pancakes or nourishing borscht you do not have to eat. Moreover, it is necessary to forget about mayonnaise and any sauces, spices, sweets, as well as smoking, salting and alcohol. The only Russian dish that you are allowed and even shown – is sauerkraut. It is considered by many nutritionists, improves digestion and metabolism.
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Error of young skin

Skin careAbout 90% of teenagers suffer from acne. According to statistics, 75-90% of young people aged 14 to 20 years, one way or another are faced with this problem. Even after 25 years, she continues to excite the 40% of young people.

The fact is that during this period begins to appear in the work of the reproductive system, that is, in the body there are new substances, namely, androgens – male sex hormones. Highly sensitive to androgens sebaceous gland starts to produce more sebum, this is the cause of acne.
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Rules of the spring diet

DietAll woman wants to give him up – to lose weight, to refresh the complexion, give your hair shine. All this can be achieved through diet. Certainly recommend something specific to all impossible. After all, each of us has different conditions, different problems and different “raw data”. However, there are universal rules of a healthy diet. From them you can easily make an individual diet, full and convenient in everyday life.

Says Chief Dietician of St. Petersburg, the Academy of AEN, Professor, Head of the Department of Food Hygiene and Nutrition with clinical therapeutic feeding the St. Petersburg Medical Academy. II Mechnikov Vladimir A. Dotsenko.
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Honey weight lose diet

HoneySpring – time lead in shape after a long cold winter, and a succession of events. We continue to publish the series of 30 diets. Today in the queue – Honey

Of course, all-honey diet was not. No matter how the honey – is sweet, and, despite its natural origin, in large quantities it is as bad as everyone else. Therefore, this diet is a fairly standard set of health food with a nice addition – honey.
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Diet and slimming Errors

Diet and slimmingDiet and weight lose should wisely. Another you will certainly lose a few pounds, but the risk to gain a whole bunch of diseases

Need to lose weight so as not to harm the health.
You made a mistake, if:

• Trying to lose weight with laxatives. If uncontrolled use of these drugs intestine starts to work only on the release. Transit pass proteins, vitamins, trace elements necessary for the brain, liver, heart and kidneys.
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Lose Weight Together

Lose Weight This nutritionist, naturopath started with that observed for patients and found:- some of them have lost weight and zdoroveli a vegetarian diet, while others with no meat lost power and often painful. Then he decided that the people are the different type of metabolism, in order to maintain the health they need different food.

Explanation of this phenomenon, Peter D’Adamo found that the blood of different groups provides a pathological reaction to different lectins – proteins having gluing effect.
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Lose weight with water-its easy diet

Lose weightThe shortage of liquid body begins to practice stress and sends signals to the brain, like to the signals of hunger.

As a result, we begin to eat, while we have to drink! Unnecessary at this point, the nutrients deposited as fat in the most secluded corners of the body and the corners of these time persecute be secluded.

Grief in good shape we are trying to compensate for chocolate milk or harassing fitness. But back to the original state can be balanced by providing water consumption.
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Diet according to blood group diet

DietThe idea that a person’s blood group determines which products it should include in your diet. Weight management in this case becomes the task of having your personal diet, which is selected according to blood group. For example, according to this diet, the second group of people with blood should be vegetarian and eat lots of fruits and vegetables because they contain low amounts of fat.

This is based on the fact that their blood is thicker than the holders of other blood groups. People in the second group of blood in their diet should abstain from meat and dairy products, all animal fats.
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How many calories does a person need a day?

Diet rulerWe can absorb, we are assume they can not pay attention, but I’ll tell you why the ability to count calories – the key to weight loss.

Many benefits of the calories they write unnecessarily complicated, but actually understand what calories is fairly simple. Once you master the basics, you will have a powerful tool that helps you control your weight.

Simply put, calories – the basic unit of measurement as the energy value of food and energy needs of your body.
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