Watch your weight during pregnancy high-fat

pregnancy high-fatWe have exposed a new link between sleep and fatness suggests that what the mother ate during pregnancy can lead to obesity or overweight by altering the meaning of genes that regulate circadian rhythm.

Circadian rhythm is biological rhythms or oscillations of biological variables at regular intervals. Interestingly, all animals, plants and all organisms probably show some variation rhythmic physiological (metabolic rate, heat production, flowering, etc.). Usually connected with environmental change rhythm.

The information we commented at the beginning part of an investigation by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Baylor College of Medicine (Texas) and was published in the online journal FASEB , which refers to a study of female primates who were consuming a diet rich in fat.

These results confirm, once again, how important is the diet of the pregnant woman to her unborn child, but researchers prefer to see the glass half full to show their appreciation, because now they know that small changes can positively influence health of future generations.

To make this discovery studied three groups of Japanese macaques:
The first group was fed a diet of 12 percent fat (control group).
The second group was fed a diet of 35 percent fat or high in fat.
The third group was fed the high fat diet for up to five years and then move on to the control diet

Each group maintained their diet before conception and during pregnancy. The descendants of the high-fat disease developed NAFLD, experienced changes in histones (the core set of proteins that wrap around DNA), and had altered metabolic profiles and circadian rhythms.

The results also showed that genes in the fetal liver – responsible for orchestrating circadian rhythms with appetite and food intake – are altered in offspring of mothers with a diet rich in fat.

The scientists found that improving the diet, whether for the expectant mother or baby after delivery helps to restore normal part of the circadian machinery and possibly reduces the risk of childhood diseases related to obesity .

In short, the mother’s diet during pregnancy affects the machinery of their children sleep through the genetic machinery that controls the sleep cycle. What a mother eats affects the weight of your child for life.

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