Vibration exercise tools hygienic harmful belly fat

belly fatVibration exercise tools work is aimed at removing difficult to take away fat, located between the bodies. During the legislative body on this subject, it was announced that a recipe of diet with studies on the vibration simulator is much more efficient than conventional simulators.

The University of Artesisa for 12 months, conducted a study on a group of volunteers from 61 people. Every three months they were full weigh-in, which showed not only the weight, but also visceral fat.

The whole group of volunteers was divided into four groups. The first group followed the diet special diet, but not performed any exercise. The second group of volunteers combined diet and of short duration load in the gym (swimming, step aerobics). The third group of participants engaged in the diet in addition to vibration simulators. Each week, the rate of vibration was varied to increase. Also, increased time spent on the simulator. The fourth group of participants took no action.

Upon completion of the study summarized the results of the first. The first group lost 6% of their initial weight in 6 months, but further losses do not exceed 5%. The second groups in the first six months of get rid of 7% weight loss, and in the remaining six months, only 6.9%. The third group, the vibration simulator, in the first six months lost 11% of body weight, while the other half were able to keep a figure of 10.5%. The control group reduced their weight by 1.5%.

Through the vibration simulators amount of fat was reduced by 47.8 cm ² after the first six months of employment. In the second half of the year the index below 47.7 cm ². The group, which engaged in conventional simulators, has reduced the amount of fat by 17.6 and 1.6 cm ²; in the dietary group rates slightly higher – 24.3 and 7.5 cm ², respectively.

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