Top 5 Fitness Exercise for Muscle

If you want to maximize your time in the gym you know what they do not have to miss you ever: the squat, the dead lift, the press and chin, all with free weights. But today we will go further and we will show you a kind of top 5 exercises for each muscle group to stimulate maximum.


Top 5 exercises to develop the pectoral

  1. Bench press – Well done is between the first two exercises to develop the upper body.
  2. Incline bench press – It is the exercise that enhances the chest and gives the rounded shape.
  3. Dumbbell Bench Press – They work your pecs in a more concentrated.
  4. Dips – To train your lower pecs when done with elbows out.
  5. Dumbbell flies – A super solid exercise to open the chest.

Top 5 for the back

  1. Chin – This is another exercise top 2 to develop upper body quickly. No matter which one you start doing, then do two, then three and so, with your progress will also progress your body.
  2. Bent-over row – No back will widen without a heavy paddle with good technique.
  3. Dumbbell rows – A second alternative to rowing if you have a weak lower back.
  4. Dead weight – Nothing develops large backs like the dead lift. Obviously you also will practice the entire back of your body but the dead weight is highly effective for back and also strengthens the lower back
  5. Upload rope – Exercise taken from cross fit, climbing ropes active your whole upper body in an incredible way. Three series with a rope well away to check.

Top 5 Shoulder

  1. Military Press – If there is an exercise you have to do for a mega shoulders military press that’s old school.
  2. Press Arnold – A good pair of dumbbells and a good technique will make your shoulders to another level.
  3. Press sitting with bar behind the neck.
  4. Cheap side – Made with dumbbells challenging and good technique feel the burn in a few repetitions.
  5. None – With this bunch of exercises you have to develop the deltoids in a fantastic way.

Top 5 of the legs
Never, never never never underestimate or procrastinate the footwork. The legs are the largest muscles of the body and train partner will give you a look, balanced, and a job for much of your upper body indirectly.

  1. Squat – Just the queen of bodybuilding. The squat stimulates both your hormones that directly can not stop doing it.
  2. Front squats – It’s a bit expensive to learn the correct technique, but yields much as the squat.
  3. Dead lift with firm legs – If instead of flexing the legs straight keep your hamstrings work hard.
  4. Lunges – Another great exercise for legs that complements the work of the previous two. Tip: Leave the dumbbell and try it with a bar out of the rack.
  5. Leg Press – Of all the workout machines this is the best yields.

Top 5 for the arms

  1. Chin – Close grip, grip open, always be the best exercise, even better than the curl, so going first.
  2. Bench press close grip – You can put a good amount of weight for this exercise to work your triceps.
  3. Straight bar curls – Classic among classics, straight bar develops more strongly than any other bar.
  4. Lying triceps extensions with dumbbells – You isolate the triceps and put them in an excellent position to grow.
  5. Funds – With elbows closed primarily work your triceps. Do not make them on the bench, get them in parallel and aims to carry weight later.

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